This Rings Too True for Me

Each day Proverbs 31’s daily devotion hits my inbox, and it’s always worth reading.  But, I am on vacation, and while I am reading, reading, reading…(I highly recommend Finally Alive by John Piper and Untitled by Blaine Hogan), I haven’t kept up with my inbox blogs and devotionals.  This morning I went back and read the Proverbs 31 devotional from yesterday.  Wow…it was for me!  If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll see why this one rang so true:)

Daily Devotion – Proverbs 31 – When Good Isn’t Always Best


While this devotion is for women, I think it’s applicable to the men too – if they’ll give it a chance:)

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  1. Traci Weber says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Proverbs 31. Great site!

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