Connecting with Your Kids

If your church uses 252 Basics as part of the children’s ministry – as FBCW does – consider downloading the free app Parent Cue to your phone.  My friend, Mike, posted it on his blog earlier today, and  I downloaded it this evening.  It seems (so far) like a great resource for parents.  It’s divided into Drive Time, Hang Time, Meal Time, and Parent Time with questions, articles, videos, songs, and activities linked and ready to go – a definite time saver.  Here’s a screenshot from iTunes (although I have an Android phone and had no trouble finding it in the “market” on my phone).

Even though Parent Cue changes with the monthly virtue your child is learning as part of 252 Basics, I think it’s great for any parent regardless of the curriculum your church may use.  And…it’s free – woohoo!  (My favorite part?  Parent Time – Articles – Staying On Task – Creating a Family Plan:)


Parent Cue (from the Orange Blog)

Staying on Task:  Creating a Family Plan

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