De-Busying Life Lesson 2: Make a Menu (or Buy One:)

Those of you who know me, know I am a planner and an organizer – usually.  But, if it’s not something I like, I choose not to plan or organize. So, when it comes to cooking, I just ask my family each evening – what do you want?  We discuss it for 30 minutes, often squabble about it, and then end up going somewhere.  In fact, this question…what’s for dinner? …often causes more tension and stress between Steve and I than most anything because he’s a diabetic, and I am training for a half marathon.  So, we both want something healthy, but no one wants to run to the store, get the stuff, etc.

So, here’s how we’ve resolved this problem:  E-mealz

E-mealz is $15 for 3 months/$5 a month.  Each Wednesday, I download the week’s menu (with recipes and store list) from the E-mealz website.  We opted for the Low-Carb Wal-mart menu because we both each low carb and mostly shop at Wal-mart, but there are tons of eating preference/store combinations from which to choose.  We don’t like everything on the menu, so we choose the four or maybe five we like best, I create a weekly menu, and I highlight what I need to buy on the store list.

So, what’s for dinner? is now…Look at the menu:)  Time saved?  No squabbling and fewer trips to the store!




Sample Menu

E-mealz Facebook page

(For more on how it all works, click here.)


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. ……I checked out the E-meals and i just LOVE that idea. I threw it by the hubster to see what he thought. I feel like I’m always making the “same old same old” and feeding us carbs…carbs…and some more carbs. That low fat menu sounds AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. And BTW…LOVE reading your blog. Keep it up! 😉

    • Thanks so much, Beth! I am so glad you’re reading, and I appreciate any ideas or suggestions you may have. I also saw your silent prayer request on FB; please know I am praying:)

  2. Yes, we always feel like we are making the same meals too! ugh! I will have to check out that website 🙂 thanks. love lor

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