Miss Jamie by Hannah Farish

Miss Jamie was a great camp counselor.  She was my favorite out of the eight I had at Camp Cowen.  When I was in her cabin, she made us feel very special.  The cabin’s name was Pop Collins and she made it look like it was a princess’s castle inside and out.  Every girl was jealous of her bed because it looked like a real princess bed and I got to sleep on the bunk bed right above her.

She hung princess things everywhere!  We did a princess craft and devotional everyday.  She also had a little fold-up princess castle full of snacks even though there were not supposed to be any snacks or food in the cabins.  She also had face paint and was a good artist.  Our faces were awesome!

She just made everything fun.  Even when we had to have quiet time.  She let us do whatever we wanted to do as long as we didn’t make too much noise.  And when we had to clean the cabin, she made it a game.  That year was my favorite year of Camp Cowen EVER and I have been four times.  Miss Jamie was very special to me.

Today I am going with my mom to the funeral home to say goodbye to Miss Jamie. I know she’s in heaven but I will miss her very much!



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