What Would You Do if You Couldn’t Fail?

I am sharing this link from Jeff Goins because it is so closely related to my post from yesterday  – and I loved it!

After reading the post, I thought “deep down, I gave up my dream because I feared failure.”  That’s definitely not the only reason.  But, when all those who said they’d help backed out, decided it wasn’t cool, or moved on, I realized I’d be the sole “fall guy” if things didn’t work out.  Yikes!  Who wants to  fail?

After thinking about it today, the answer is me.  Well, I don’t WANT to fail, but I am OK with failure.

My effort to finish the half marathon that I am participating in next month?  Could end in a DNF (did not finish:)

My effort to homeschool and shepherd my kids?  Could end in disaster – we’ve had a few disaster days already.

My effort to reignite  my dream?  There’s more of a chance at failure than success.

My effort to Make Much of Him every day?  Sigh…trying but not succeeding every day.

But, in this post, Jeff Goins encourages each of us to go for it – failure smailure!  Really?  Who cares?  It’s worth the risk:)

What Would You Do if You Couldn’t Fail?  by Jeff Goins

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