Your Greatest Need for Healing and Change

Have you ever heard something and knew your life would be forever changed or altered from that moment forward? From “we’re turning off Dad’s machines” to “you’re pregnant” to “he died on a cross for you; he bore your sin so you could live forever,” all of these statements forever altered my world.

This morning as Beth Moore spoke at Passion 2012, I had one of these life-altering moments when she said this:

“The greatest need we have for healing is something intensely private. Something we don’t like to talk about publicly. Our greatest need for healing is in a place so deep and private we don’t want to tell anyone. We hide what needs healing the most.”

Think for a moment. What is that “thing” deep down inside you that needs healing?

You don’t want to talk about it publicly, not with family or friends. Maybe no one even knows. Maybe someone knows but they pretend as if healing has taken place and all is well.

In the past when someone mentioned weight or a new weight loss program, I’d act busy or brush it off as a fad. I couldn’t stand it when anyone successfully lost weight. It was my secret. How I ever thought it was “secret” is beyond me. If you’re carrying around 60 extra pounds. People know.

Trust me, they know.

They know you eat too much. But, who wants to talk about that? Who wants to show up in a room and say, “I eat more than my share. I make unhealthy choices too.”

Absolutely no one.

If you’re overweight, I know you care. I know it’s painful. I know you want to fix it/lose it. If you’re [insert problem here], I know these same things. You want it to go away – you want to fix it.

How do you step forward, admit the problem (weight or something else), and seek help? After all, it’s humiliating It’s embarrassing. It’s painful. It’s heart breaking. It’s frustrating. It just plain sucks.

From where does that courage come? Where can you turn?

This morning Beth Moore spoke about the woman in Luke 8 who had the issue of the blood. Uncomfortable, huh? Who wants to talk about having THAT problem?

This woman, who would have been considered unclean, as would anyone she touched, was in a crowd pressing around Jesus. He was on his way to the bedside of a dying 12-year-old girl. The woman had had a discharge of blood for 12 years (remarkably the same length of time the dying girl had been alive). As she reached out and touched the fringe of Jesus’ garment, the blood stopped.

She was healed.

As the people pressed in (think of a crowd in which everyone is literally touching), Jesus stops in verse 45 and asks the crowd, “Who was it that touched me?” When all denied it, Jesus says in verse 46, “someone touched me, for I perceive power has gone out from me.”

“And when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling, and falling down before him declared in the presence of all people why she touched him, and how she had been immediately healed. And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” (Verses 47-48)

Beth reminded me this morning that He wants us to reach out and grab hold of Him. He wants to help us heal. We just need to ask, step forward, and extend our hand to Him.

This was so life altering for me because I hate (double hate) talking about my weight in person. I can type on a blank page and post it to my blog, but in person, it’s gut wrenching.

In one short week, I will stand in front of 30 women and detail my greatest weakness as I begin leading a Bible study about weight loss. It’s going to be uncomfortable and awkward for all of us.

But God reminded me today that I grabbed on to Him to begin the healing and this public discussion is the next step. God knows my heart. He knows the hearts of the ladies with whom I will share my deepest need for healing.

While it’s intensely private, I have to take the same chance that the woman with the issue of blood took if I desire healing. I have to take this risk in the crowd, reach out, and grab on – in obedience to Him and for His glory – although I still don’t want to.

Once we take the risk- once we grab on- we can’t let go.


I have had some people ask me, what if you gain it back? How will this time be any different from last time you lost weight?

This time I believe in my heart that God has forgiven me for my sin in this area- overeating and not taking care of the body He gave me. I won’t – can’t – forget I’ve been cleansed of that sin. As Beth said today, it’s when you forget that you’ve been forgiven and cleansed that you fall back into a cycle of sin again.

If I keep remembering what He’s done for me. If I stay close to Him and in His Word. If I keep the cross and His plan for me close. I will stumble, but I won’t fall. And, even if I do fall, I will “grab” Him again, and He will pick me up.

It’s when I take my eyes off Him and get full of me that I falter, stumble, and struggle.

Remember, Jesus told the woman with the issue of blood that it’s her faith, not her touch, which made her well.

It’s my faith, not my works, which makes me well. It’s my faith, not my amazing will power and awesome running skills that makes me well.

My faith – built on Him and renewed each day by staying close to Him.

Will you step out and “grab” Him as the woman did? Will you reach out to Him and ask for help and healing? Will you ask Him to send you someone to help you in the process?

If someone asks you for help, will you step forward and walk with them in the process regardless of how uncomfortable, tough, or awkward it may be? And once you do, how will you stay close to Him so you don’t slip back into the cycle of sin?

I pray you allow the healing to begin. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable. Grab Him and never let go.


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