Unexpected Gifts in the Mail

After a great weekend away with my family, I was sorting through the mail and found an envelope addressed to Hannah.  Inside there was a check for Amazima Ministries (you can read more about Hannah’s heart for this organization here), a picture of Cambodia with a note on the back, Cambodian money, and a picture of Marla Taviano and her family.

How awesome.

I met Marla online.  She’s an author/speaker/blogger who is leading the online read-a-long of Jen Hatmaker’s book 7: An Experimental Muting Against Excess.  I have tweeted and commented with her since I began participating in the study. She read my blog about Hannah’s heart for Uganda and decided to participate in Hannah’s fundraising efforts.

Wow.  Hannah (and I!) were so thankful for this unexpected gift in the mail.

It made me think about the Internet.  Lately, because of the book 7 and some events in my life,  I’ve been thinking about how Facebook, Twitter, and technology in general can steal my time and brain power while also hurting my feelings from time to time (I’ll post more on this Tuesday when I reflect on technology’s role in our lives as part of the 7 study).

Mostly, I have been hating technology recently.  Or, maybe more accurately, hating how I let it steal my first few minutes every morning when I scroll through Facebook and Twitter. Really?  The first few precious moments of my morning – right after prayer- goes to THAT? Yuck!

But, today I was thankful for technology.  Without it, I’d have never met Marla and been blessed by her genuine writing and loving heart.

I hope you’ll be thinking about technology and how it fits into/rules/compromises/affects your life.  I am looking forward to that conversation on Tuesday.

And, thanks, Marla!  Be expecting a return letter from Hannah:)



  1. Marla Taviano says:

    You are so, so welcome. I’m super-inspired by Hannah and can’t wait to get her letter. 🙂 I get what you’re saying about technology, and I’m really not looking forward to Tuesday’s post. Praying I can be completely honest about my struggles with finding balance online. Eek. And ouch.

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