A New Blog – Excited to be Writing Again!

When I was a little girl, I’d write stories.  Page after page.  Sometimes I filled the lines with tales of Barbie and Ken – tales that closely mirrored my grandma’s soap operas.  Sometimes my stories would be “the rest of the story.”  I remember reading the book Little Women and deciding to write the sequel.  I am sure my five pages of chicken scratch would have made Louisa May Alcott proud!

When asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my standard answer would be a writer, a lawyer, or a teacher. I pursued writing in college and after, but stopped writing and plans of pursuing a law degree when I gave birth to Hannah.  While Hannah was young, I became a teacher – a job I loved and was honored to hold.

But, I still loved/love to write.

In May I read the book You’re a Writer by Jeff Goins.  (It’s free today on Kindle if you’d like to read it.)

This book and a conversation with my husband gave me the push I needed to redesign my blog and begin again….because I still love to write.

I never understood my insatiable need to compose until I recently read Michael W. Smith’s story in the book I Am Second:

 “When I was six, I heard the Beatles song Hey Jude on the radio.   I hopped up on my piano, figured it out, and began playing it right there.  My parents couldn’t figure out how I did it.  I didn’t really know either.  I could hear it in my head.  My fingers just knew how to find it on the piano.”

The flow and rhythm, the dance of notes in his ears –  he knew early on that music was what he wanted to do with his life.  

“I remember that famous line from Olympic runner Eric Liddell.  People asked him why he ran and he said, ‘When I run, I feel His pleasure.’ When I lay my hands on the keyboard, that is exactly how I feel, I feel God’s pleasure.  It is what he made me to do.”

When I sit down with paper and pen or screen and keyboard, I feel God’s pleasure.  It is what He made me to do.

I never feel closer to God than when I am alone with my paper or computer, processing what he’s teaching me through writing.

I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you as my blog begins again.  Please email sarah.b.farish@gmail.com or comment below if you have questions, suggestions, or prayer requests. I also hope you’ll join us in answering the “Q” at the end of each blog post.  I love engaging with and learning from each of you!

Today’s Q:  When do you feel God’s pleasure?  When do you feel closest to Him?  I hope you’ll share in the comments. 

NOTE:  Thanks to Amber Berry for my new picture and Emily at Designer Blogs for the design and continual tech support.  The new design isn’t ready to launch – just look under About Me:)  But, this post from Michael Hyatt explains why I am writing in spite of some technical difficulties.




  1. I would have to say I agree with you. There is just an ease in my writing when I’m doing it for the Lord. I’m a full-time freelance writer, and I don’t always “get that” when I’m writing for my clients, but sometimes in those most difficult writers-block-moment, I know when He steps in and takes over and the job gets done. I couldn’t do this without God’s gifting and His strength when I am weak.

    • Hi Merritt! Last week a friend of mine was at the Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference. She tweeted this: This is the Gospel, power in weakness!-Jenny Salt, 2 Corinthians 12 #TGCW12. I loved that, and you reminded me of it again: “I couldn’t do this without God’s gifting and His strength when I am weak.” Sometimes I think, “It’s a gift from God. If he gave me this gift, then it’s one of my strengths.” Not exactly true. My strength comes from Him, and I am weak without Him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. One more thing…thanks for being an example of what Michael Hyatt talked about in his post (love his stuff! Goins too!). When I found your “About Me” it made me chuckle and I felt endeared to you…because you are human! 🙂 Way to go!

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