What is Family Ministry?

Today, I am contributing to the Family Ministry Blog Tour.  Each day a different blogger answers the question, “What is Family Ministry?”  This is my post.

Families are busy:  baseball, soccer, dance, art camp, Awana, VBS, bus trip, tennis, and on and on.  Kids are overbooked and parents are stressed out.

As parents strive to keep up and give their kiddos every opportunity available, quality time suffers.  Marriages suffer.  Parent-child relationships suffer.

Most families are completely unaware of this “suffering.”  Letting family priorities slip is a slow fade.  One missed family dinner here and one missed family birthday party there.  No big deal.  Junior had a game.  We got home from practice late.

After all, the activities are fun, the kiddos seem happy, and pride fills the parents.

Then, there’s an event – better known as the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The event forces your family to a screeching halt as mom and dad look at one another and ask, “How in the world did we get here?”

The family’s primary function is not to out do the neighbors.  The family’s function is not to present the perfect picture of the American Dream.  In fact, families who function this way are the families often left asking, “How in the world did we get here?”

Family ministry should equip families to understand that the family’s primary function is to love one another and increase the Kingdom.

God created marriage and family as a picture of the church and his love for his church.   He created the family to make Him famous, spreading the gospel throughout neighborhoods and the world.  While we often see this as the church’s “call” it is primarily the family’s call.

However, in order for parents to lead their families in this way, family ministry must help parents to understand that the spiritual development of their children is their responsibility.  While the church can help equip and support, ultimately, his/her parents must lay the child’s spiritual foundation. (Psalm 78; Acts 2: 38-39)

Indeed, God wants families to make Him famous.

But, in this crazy, busy world, how can mom and dad know how to equip their children?  What does a family who spreads the love of Christ and reaches others for Him look like?

Family ministry teaches and models the answers to these questions.

Family ministry teaches dad how to lead his family spiritually (1 Corinthians 11:13).

Family ministry teaches mom to support her husband and lead her children well (Proverbs 31).

Family ministry teaches biblical manhood, womanhood, and marriage, helping parents to understand their roles in their families and placing the responsibility of each child’s spiritual formation and growth on the parents’ shoulders – not the church’s staff.

So, even when it’s not popular or politically correct, family ministry encourages dad and mom to embrace God’s roles for them, leading their families to Christ and others to Christ.

Ultimately, family ministry builds strong families who share their faith and build His kingdom.


  1. “Family ministry teaches biblical manhood, womanhood, and marriage, helping parents to understand their roles in their families.”

    I LOVE this statement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being a part of the Family Ministry Blog Tour.

    • Thanks, Matt! I truly believe when my husband is equipped to lead our family, and I embrace my role as wife and mom as defined in the Bible, our family is better equipped to spread the gospel. And, spreading the gospel should be the ultimate focus of family ministry – or any ministry.

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