Unexplainable – Day 2 in Honduras


I can’t even articulate yesterday in Honduras.  I stood in awe as 11 pastors and their families stood in a dining room with hands raised to heaven.

I listened as they prayed to their Creator.  All voices lifting to Him at once.

I couldn’t understand most of what was said.  But, that’s the awesomeness of people gathered in His name.  I could feel and see their hearts bursting with love and thankfulness to their Savior.

God was present.

For those who don’t know about our mission in Honduras, we’re distributing clothing, toiletries, and beans in villages near San Manuel, Cortez. Our church family and Wal-mart donated these goods, which were then packed into a tractor-trailer size container and shipped to Honduras.

Saul, a pastor living at Faith Home, leads a group of pastors who planted churches in their villages (These are the pastors with whom we worshipped yesterday.)  Each day this week, we will visit two villages distributing the items to members of those churches.

In the village, each family gets a ticket.  The families form a line and members of the mission team take them through the distribution area. Picture a free yard sale where someone helps you shop, making sure you get the correct sizes.

Today, we will visit Emanuel and El Barro.  Please pray for these villages and our team.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for His people today!


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