Giving Up Control (Thanks, Mary!)

Today, I awakened to this prayer by Mary Demuth in my inbox.  Funny how God knows exactly what we need.

This prayer reminds me that…

God is more than capable of handling my burdens.

I like to be in control.  I am a planner, an organizer, and a…..ummm…..control freak.

I don’t like chaos and can’t stand the unknown – or the unorganized or the unplanned.

But, God’s been working on this idol in my life.  He has called me to relinquish control in some very specific areas, and I have taken some huge steps over the past week.

I did it.  Now I wait.

And, the scariest part of waiting?

I don’t know what the outcome of me giving up control of ___________ will be.

I might love the outcome!  Or, I might hate it.  Again, I don’t like not knowing, so this part is the hardest for me.  The waiting [insert Jeopardy theme here] and the waiting [yeah, I know I said it twice!]

I’ve asked myself a bazillion times in the past week, “Then, why make all these changes?  Why not stay on the same path:  doing it my way?”

Because God woke me up at 1:09 a.m on Saturday night/Sunday morning and laid out his plan very clearly.  And, it’s time to surrender to HIS way. (And, duh, my way wasn’t working!)

More than that…

I want your will.  I want your presence.  I need your strength.

All I want in my life is God’s will.  His presence.  His strength.  I look back over the past five years, and I’ve existed because of HIS strength.  The minute I step back into my own strength, I fail, fail, and fail again.

I KNOW God’s way is better than my way.  God’s shown me that again and again in my life.  So, I am choosing to wave the white flag and let God have the control he should have had all along.

Mary’s words echo the prayer of my heart as I daily surrender to Him and live in the tension of not knowing the outcome: Please take this burden today and use it in my life for your glory.

I love the song “You Are”:

All for Your glory; All for you name…You are God, Jesus, Majesty; You are life, Jesus, saving Me; You are King, Jesus, All will see that You are God.”

That’s my song today – and everyday. All in my life and your life – good and bad  – be all for His glory.

What burden are you carrying today?  What worry is filling your head and your heart, crowding Jesus out?  What needs to be turned over to your Creator?

Rest in knowing He is sovereign. His ways are better.

Isaiah 55: 8-9

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.
“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so my ways are higher than your ways
and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Give it to Him.


  1. Sarah, wow. I’m just so thankful the prayer resonated with you. One of the chapters in my upcoming book is about the idol of control. 🙂 Why did I write abou that? Hmmm, because I’m a control monster.

    I love your heart and the journey God has you on.

    • Thanks, Mary:) I have printed it and posted it. God’s timing is amazing! I can’t wait for Everything’s release. I know it’s the perfect book for me. And…if you knew my story, I am betting you’d agree;)

  2. Thanks for this reminder Sarah. This prayer is going on my fridge! Worry takes center stage in my life almost daily – from impending job loss, emotional ups and downs, Isaac entering 7th grade and the pressures that come with high school, right down to what to have for supper every night! It’s constant! Hopefully this prayer will remind me to GIVE IT UP!! Have a blessed day!!

    • Julie, I remember you talking to me about control once – or twice;) I find that worry comes where I don’t trust God. Oh, I say I trust Him. But, do I truly believe what I say? Does my heart and my actions match up with what I am saying aloud? Often, mine don’t. I trust him with my future. With my marriage. With Hannah and Owen. Or, do I? If I did, would I act as if my life is a chess board, and I am plotting my next move? The key for me has been awareness. The minute worry seeps in I stop, pray, and ask God – where’s my idol? why don’t I trust you here? That’s made a huge difference. Prayers to you, sister:)

  3. Awesome Bible verse at the end! “My ways are far beyond anything you can imagine?” How awesome is that! I’m in on the control freak club – I have lists of lists and color-coordinated calendars, but God’s plans are so much more vivid and alive. Can’t wait to see what He does with all of our lives when we hand over the reins. Peace be with you.

    • Thanks, Laura:) My confession…when I read your comment, my first thought was…”wonder if she can show me how to color code my calendars – that sounds awesome!” See? I am control freakish. As God would have it, as I have given up what God’s commanded me to give up, he’s brought me opportunities that surpass anything I could have cooked up!

      And, I don’t think color coordinated calendars are bad. God gives the gift of administration. I just can feel the line between my control and allowing Him to work through me – or through my calendar;)

      God bless:)

  4. I think this post is closely related to the issue of control…people pleasing:)

  5. Thanks, Pam! I can’t wait to read Everything!


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