Cookies Needed! Please Help:)

My friend, Randy, volunteers with a prison ministry.  He is in need of 150 dozen cookies to take to the St. Marys Correctional Center in St. Marys, West Virginia, in October.

Can you make a dozen?  or 10?

My daughter, Hannah, has pledged to make 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  My friend, Angie, is pitching in too!

I hope you can help…it’s a simple way to make much of Him today:)

The Details:

  • Randy needs the cookies by October 25. I can help you arrange pick up and drop off.
  • They should be packaged by the dozen – 12 cookies to a bag.
  • No bake cookies are a favorite!  (Sadly, I can’t make these. Mine won’t set up!)
  • You can NOT ice them or put fruits or nuts in them.
  • Each cookie should be 2 to 2.5 in diameter.

If you’d like to help, comment, message me, text me, tweet me – whatever:)


  1. Would have liked to have helped but I live in the UK!

    • You can’t ship cookies from the UK, Jen? Just kidding!! Thanks for your heart anyway:) You can pray for Randy and his ministry – and the inmates he shares the gospel with! Thanks:)

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