Hospitality = You Matter to Me

I just read this post from the True Woman blog:  The Cure for the Can’t Have People Over Syndrome

When someone’s coming over, I am SO much like the lady in the introduction:  “a few hours of insanity while we raced around throwing things in closets, scrubbing everything in sight, and doing our best to make it look like no one lived at our house.”


Through this post, God reminded me of a sermon I’d listened to last week and an incident over the weekend.

In his sermon A New People, Matt Chandler defines hospitality as showing and telling others “you matter to me.”

That’s it:  You matter to me.

It is not having a fancy/perfect house or putting a wreath on the door.

We are to seek to show hospitality…saying come to my house or let’s go get lunch. I care about you, your marriage, your ups, and your downs.

In Romans 12: 13 God commands us to be hospitable:  “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

That’s a command, not a suggestion.

Rewind to last weekend. We had a tree fall on our house.  My husband’s Facebook post about the tree elicited an ourtpouring of love and help from our care group.

So, there I am, fresh out of the shower.  No makeup.  Hair in a towel.  “Home” clothes on – you know the ones – the clothes you never wear out of the house.  And, there’s a knock at the door.


Later, other knocks followed along with offers to help.

My first thought?  No, we don’t need help.  (Read, my house is a mess, and I have no food to make for you.)

Within the hour, my house was full  – both inside and out.  It was a blast!  Kiddos everywhere.  I fed them pizza on paper plates and made peanut butter cookies.

Yes, before they arrived I ran around and cleaned.  (Sadly!)

Today I realized…these people were showing true hospitality, and I was worried about my house.


I have learned a valuable lesson today.

God’s command to be hospitable far outweighs my need to appear as if I have it all together.  It seems so easy when we view through God’s word, huh?

Do you run around when people are coming over?  Does your blood pressure elevate as you mop and dust?  Does an unexpected knock on the door make your heart drop?

Do you meet with friends to check in on them, their marriage, their kiddos?  Do you genuinely want to know their ups and downs?  Or, are you too busy in your own world to be hospitable?

Tough stuff, but I pray you make much of him today by being hospitable.

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