Gifts from the Heart [Day 9 of 31]

My sister, Dawnna, is a super crafter.  As in, get her a unitard with a cape and put an “S” on her chest.  Ok, maybe not.  She’d probably not agree to wearing a unitard anyway. But, she can make ANYTHING!

Her home is beautiful.  Decorated from items she finds just about anywhere; she’s a cheap decorator, and you’d never know it!  She truly has a gift.

This weekend Dawnna and others will use their gifts for Gifts from the Heart at Gateway Christian Church in St. Albans, West Virginia.   It’s a craft fair of sorts.  Dawnna uses her gift to create and sell items; then, she donates the proceeds from her craft to Howell’s Mill Christian Camp.

Great idea, huh? Using the gifts God gave you in service to Him!

I am super proud of my sister! She’s selling wreaths, and they are beautiful!  (Yes, all wreaths and arrangements at my house were made by her.  We all know I am not crafty! She took all the craft genes and left me with none:)

Just a few of the wreaths she’s selling…they are awesome!  You can never go wrong with Cheetah poinsettias.

If you live in the Charleston area, check these out.  If not, she could probably ship them.

A great way to focus on Less Me, More Jesus…serving Him!


  1. It’s Crafts 4 Christ, . . . . there . . . I beat Hannah to it (making fun of me). Thanks!!
    Kinda nervous. I’ve never sold anything I’ve made. Who knows, I may get stuck with all it. If so, my house will be super decorated for fall and Christmas. Please pray for the event. The camp truly depends on events such as this for their existence. The camp is used by God to change lives, young and old.

  2. beth elkins says:

    Do you take requests? Do you have any Gold and Blue????? 🙂 Christmas? What is the cost of each? I’m interested. Unfortunately, Saturday is booked solid for me between soccer and birthday parties and girl scout activities.

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