Living in the Middle

My Saturday was nothing short of life changing. I spent the day at Women of Purpose (WOP) in Parkersburg, West Virginia, learning how to be free from…free to….

Wow. God showed up in that place!

I wanted to write about the conference on Saturday…then Sunday, but I simply could not grasp all God had taught me/was teaching me.  My heart felt like it was about to explode.  I left WOP so full of joy and thankfulness that I wanted to tell everyone in my path about God’s grace and mercy.

Here’s the best way I can describe the conference:

Life is a journey (trite, I know; stay with me;).  Your journey is a series of valleys and mountains.  In life, you dwell in a valley, climb up the mountain, spend time on the mountaintop, progress back down the mountain, then repeat.

You know what this looks like.  Life is going well.  You’re on the mountain top.

The call comes…you have cancer, he’s having an affair, your child is ill, your father is gone, your elderly grandmother needs full time care, open-heart surgery is necessary, your job is being cut or….you fill in the blank.  You’re shoved down the mountain.

Maybe it’s not the call of doom.  Maybe it’s schedules, practices, dinners, church, and homework.  While life doesn’t “shove” you off the mountaintop, it moves you a few feet down the other side each day. Sigh.

Either way, you’re now sitting at the lowest point – in the valley.  Double sigh.

Has this been your experience?  Just when you’re on the mountain, thinking all has settled and is peaceful…boom.  You get a kick and tumble down the other side, and there you sit in the valley…again.

Let’s face it.  Life is mostly spent in the ups, downs, and valleys.  Days sitting blissfully on the mountaintop are few and far between.

We have to live here.  In the middle. In the valley.  Halfway up or down the mountain.  In fact, the majority of our lives are spent in these in-between places.

But, how?  How do we live in the valley?  How can we climb the mountains?  Where’s hope as we are free falling down the other side because life happens?  How do get out of the despair of the valley?

We turn to our Savior, our Rock, our Redeemer. Jesus.

We choose full submission to and reliance upon Him, freeing us from the burden and freeing us to be whom He calls us to be, doing what he calls us to do for His glory.

We take refuge and rest in Him, coming alive as we walk in the freedom.

Caution:  In the space between those ups, downs, and valleys, you may lean into Him and fall apart five minutes later, which means you’ll have to lean and cling again.  But, in Him there’s comfort and compassion for those who call Him Lord, and in that, there’s freedom.

True freedom.

Each of the WOP speakers has experienced this freedom and a greater intimacy in Christ as a result of her struggle.  Tomorrow, I will begin sharing those amazing stories with you!

I can’t wait!


**This is day 8 of 31 in Less Me, More Jesus.  What God taught me at WOP undoubtedly leads me to More Jesus!


  1. and He said “Well done”

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