Hear Ye! Hear Ye! [Day 19 of 31]

This day has been filled with cleaning, exercising, idea swapping, brainstorming, and packing.  The Four Farish’s are heading out for a wonderful (even if chilly) weekend of soccer.  We love these times together; plus, we get to spend time with some awesome friends!

I have so much I wanted to write today…my grandma’s doing GREAT by the way…but time didn’t allow.  I have three voices telling me to “get in the car.”

So, I thought I would share some podcasts/sermons that have helped me with Less Me, More Jesus over the past few weeks.  All of these deserve their own post. But, alas, time is not on my side.  I hope a few of them bless you too!

City on a Hill by Matt Chandler from the Village Church – This a series. I simply can’t choose my favorite.  They’ve all spoken to my heart.

The Danger of Worldly Desires and The Hallelujah Chorus by David Platt from Brook Hills  – Both of these are part of Platt’s series on Revelation.  I have been blessed by every single one. It’s a new take on Revelation for me.

Ghost Stories, The Spirit Cycle by Steven Furtick from Elevation Church – This is part 2 of Furtick’s new series on the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Died a Better Death and Jesus is a Better Mediator by Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church – These are parts 4 and 5 in Driscoll’s Esther series.

Unleash! Unleash Your Weakness by Perry Noble from NewSpring Church – God’s been pointing out my weaknesses lately, so this one hit home for sure!

The Other Side by Pete Wilson from Cross Point Church – Part 2 of Wilson’s Love Recklessly series.  This podcast highlights how in all areas of our lives we take a side.  If you cheer for a football team, vote for a political candidate, or sit in a pew, you’ve chosen a side.  Very convicting…beware.

I often get asked how I listen to podcasts.  I listen using an app called Instacast. It’s worth $1.99 for sure!  After you download the app, simply search for the churches to which you’d like to listen and subscribe.

Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!

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