Keri Verwolf ~ Called to Honduras {Story 4 of 30}

In Honduras!? Really, God?

That’s what I was thinking 3 years ago when I was packing my bags to come live in my new home. I never would have pictured myself living in Honduras – now for the third year!

I graduated from college with a Spanish Education degree (not necessarily wanting to teach, mind you!) and have been amazed how God has used my degree to open so many doors! I graduated from college in early December, applied to a Christian school in Honduras, was offered the job on Christmas Day, and was here on January 8th. Looking back (and even during the process) I felt so much peace about coming to Honduras, and I felt as though God was funneling me here.

I currently teach first grade in an amazing Christian school just outside the capital city of Honduras, and am learning so much about God’s mercies and faithfulness each day. I have 24 precious first graders who are learning about the saving love of our God and sharing it with their families – most of whom are non-believers or Catholics.

Living in Honduras is not without its challenges, but glory be to God that He has always made me feel as though I am right where I should be.  God has been merciful in showing me Himself in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways. I feel grateful that He is giving me small glimpses of Himself!

I want to share a recent story that happened here because it really showed me to listen for God’s voice – I never know how He will use me.

About a month ago, a young street boy (about 14 or 15 years old) asked me to give him money for some food. This is a pretty normal occurrence in Honduras;  a friend and I agreed to go buy him a sandwich at a nearby Subway. To make a long story short, he took our money (and the sub!) while we were paying and ran out of the place. While a little shaken up, we took that opportunity to pray for his life, his future decisions, and that God’s mercy and grace would flow into his life.

We never thought we’d see him again…

God had a different plan! The following weekend I saw the SAME boy at a random Burger King asking someone else for food. I asked God why I was seeing this boy again and knew God had a reason. After a quick prayer and with God’s strength, I walked up to him and knew he recognized me.

After many excuses on his behalf, I just smiled and said we had been praying for him, and told him I forgive him from stealing from me. I told him God would bless him in amazing ways if he stopped lying and stealing. A friend and I prayed with him right then and there about his struggles, his lifestyle, his sick mother, etc. He asked when he would see us again, and I said it was God’s choice if we meet again, but that if we did, I hope he would be walking with Christ. He asked for my forgiveness, shook my hand, and walked away with a lot to think about.

I am praising God that He chose me to be a part of that boy’s life. I am praying today for Christian women like you who will be used in God’s ministry and that you will be obedient to God’s calling in every situation!

Our God does not need anything from us – not our money, not our thanks, not even our worship (talk about humbling!). But he so graciously CHOOSES to involve us in His daily ministry! What an incredible honor to be used by Him!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13



Keri is a missionary serving in Honduras.  I met Keri through Women of Purpose.  My daughter’s dance sponsored her to come to the Revive Retreat this week. It’s been neat to meet her in person and chat about her mission.  Her heart for God and others is evident.

Thanks for sharing, Keri!


  1. Your story about the boy gave me chills. Thank you for sharing. God is so good.

  2. You are so right–it’s such an honor to be used by God! Thanks for serving him in Honduras–and for sharing your story!!

  3. how much fun it is when you encounter someone you *know* God placed in your life for a purpose!!

  4. Beautiful! What a couragous woman you are! Thanks for sharing such a precious story.

  5. What a beautiful story. I’m glad you heeded and obeyed God’s call to Honduras.

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