They Left Us Stories: My Week in Honduras

This evening I sat in a room with six amazing women.  We shared pizza, cookies, and Cipro antibiotics.

And, we reflected on an amazing weekend.

Sometimes, there are simply no words.  So, we reserved our own and read the words of the 96 women who attended Revive – a four-day retreat for women missionaries serving in Honduras.

They left us letters, notecards, notes, and thank you’s.  Most of all, they left us stories.  Stories of hope and hopelessness.  Stories of faith, and stories of tragedy.  Some stories had endings; others are still in progress.

Through these stories we saw God.  We witnessed His love, His faithfulness, His redemption…all of Him.

I would love to tell you each of their stories… broken marriages, ministry competition, prodigal children, shattered hearts, loss of financial support, shootings, death, illness, and so much more.

While I can’t put them all here now, slowly but surely, their stories will be told.  HIS story through them will be told because “by allowing people to see my flaws, I find God uses them to set people free…by sharing our weaknesses and failings, our own dignity may take a hit, but others are encouraged to consider themselves differently.” Kingdom Journeys

I saw this power of story so often this weekend.

In our prayer groups, we shared our stories with gut-wrenching honesty and vulnerability.  It wasn’t easy.  We cried and prayed.  But, in the end, HE was magnified and glorified.  Others were encouraged.  We all found hope.

I am in awe of the weekend my Creator scripted.  As our team looked at and prayed over the map of Honduras this evening – complete with a circle for the location of each missionary who attended this weekend – I knew:  No man could plan this.  No human could orchestrate the joining of missionaries serving throughout Honduras.

No man could.  But, my God can.

My God can bring me here thousands of miles from home to a prayer appointment- randomly assigned – in which I hear my own story as a missionary poured out her heart.

Nope. No man could weave this tapestry.  Only the God of all could perform such miracles.

It’s an understatement to say my faith has been increased.  It’s been increased, solidified, and…well, there’s no words for the honor of serving in this place at this time and what that does to a gal’s beliefs and heart.

But, I do know my eyes are on Jesus.  I am looking full in wonderful face. And the things of this earth are growing strangely dim in light of His glory and grace.

Thank you, Jesus.


  1. What a blessed opportunity to serve. Thank you, Lord.

  2. i echo your heart sweet sister … “ONLY GOD” … we are spoiled rotten to have gotten to witness Him working in such precious ways.

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