Escaping Orphans: My Last Day in Honduras

Two kiddos escaped the orphanage.  They’re here.

I heard this and thought…What the what?

Yes, it’s true.  Two kiddos piled up rocks while they were supposed to be in school and climbed over the wall at the government-run orphanage in Honduras.  They showed up where I am staying tonight because they knew people here.

The authorities were called.  The orphanage wouldn’t take the children back until they went before a judge. So, they’ll go before a judge in the morning then back to the orphanage tomorrow evening.

I smiled at them…but I had no words.  It broke my heart.  These are the moments when I look heavenward and ask God why.  Why are these two precious souls (ages 7 and 10) plotting an escape and traveling dangerous streets?  Why are people so poor that they give up their children to an orphanage because they can no longer feed them?

I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

But, I do know…He is a sovereign God who loves each one of us.  He loves those two little children just as He loves me.

Psalm 27:10 For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.

Psalm 68: 5 Father to the fatherless, defender of widows–this is God, whose dwelling is holy.

He is the Father to the fatherless.  He will not forsake them.  I know these things to be true, but as I listened to the stories of missionaries  and witnessed these orphans…I struggled…still struggle.

I usually understand God’s will, but I rarely understand His ways.  That’s ok.  I rest in knowing that He is in control.  He will watch over each orphan and each missionary tonight.

I also had a few awesome moments today.  

I met six little boys.  My friends and I took them to Wal-mart and bought them new clothes/shoes.  Then, we went to eat together.  Their excitement and smiles over a new shirt warmed my heart and changed my perspective.

….the highlight of my day?  A new watch.  Just not any watch, but a watch gifted to me.  I was talking to a missionary and told her I loved her watch.  Later, she asked my friend, Jen, to give me the watch.  She insisted I have it.

When Jen handed me the watch, I stood in awe of the missionary’s selflessness and love.  I treasure this watch with all my heart. Funny…the face is a heart:)

Overall, an incredible day in an incredible place.  I can’t wait to see my family tomorrow, but I will be sad to say goodbye to this country and her people.

I love it here.  


  1. Wanda Agosto says:

    Sarah, Thank you for sharing your perspective on our daily living in Honduras! We love you and are blessed to have such a support system back in the states! God bless your willingness to leave your family and spend time with us! Xoxo! blessings!

    • You are so welcome, Wanda! It was my honor to meet and serve each of you…I so admire each of you and your faithfulness to Him. Love, Sarah

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