God-Breathed Stories: 30 Women Share from the Heart

When I embarked on 30 Days of Story, I honestly thought…I will get to read amazing stories, my readers will get a break from my world and get to read inspiring stories, and God will be glorified as we all witness his faithfulness in new, tangible ways.

That much was true.

I also thought I’d copy and paste stories into my blog and that’d be it.  After all, I am not really the writer.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Writing became a full-time job in November.  And, I loved every moment.  I was blessed by each conversation, each editing decision, each comment…I really have no words.

The women I met – those who wrote stories and those who commented – have taught me much.  I am so thankful God chose for our lives to intersect.  I have made new friends, found a mentor, and begun a book.

And, while all that’s great, I am most in awe of God’s work through the stories.  Because these women were faithful in sharing their stories, He was glorified.

And glorified.

Even this morning as I sat at the dentist, the sweet gal “buffing” my filling thanked me for the stories  – who knew she read?  Not me.

But, God knew.  He used the stories to make himself famous and connect those who most needed one another.  Wow.

As I closed the series, I was continually asked one question:  Where’s your story, Sarah?

I fully intended to share my story on December 1, and many knew that.  Those who know my story thought it was time and supported the decision. However, as that day neared, God interrupted that intention in a few ways…

One…through Twitter, I won a story coaching session with Elora Ramirez. Elora and I have a Skype date this Friday.  I feel it’s wise to have this session before sharing.

Two…some work has to be done before I share.  It’s not finished.  So, God whispered wait.

Three…it’s hard to write your own story.  Harder than I thought.  As I prayed with and over the gals sharing during 30 Days, I began to fully comprehend the weight of putting your life on display for all to see.  But, as my friend, Elisa, wrote “our stories are not written on paper nor stone but inscribed on our hearts. And they are meant to be shared with others as a way of teaching about who God is and who we are in Christ.”

I want Christ to be glorified through my life.  That’s my reason for being…that He may be glorified.  So, until God’s worked on my heart, and I can pen my story in a way that clearly demonstrates who God is and who we are to be in Christ, it’s not ready to be published.  For now, my story still smacks a bit of me, my hurt, and my anger.  I can read it in my “voice.”

So, I wait.  I pray.

I also encourage you to write your story.  Not for a blog, but for Him.  If you have trouble getting started, I recommend this post and activity from Elora:  The Life Inventory.

I had to complete this inventory before my story coaching session, and it’s been fun, gut-wrenching, and revealing.

Story.  God has written mine and yours.  Whether you like the story He’s chosen for you or not, please use it as a witness to others.  Show others how He works in and through suffering, sin, and setbacks.  Tell the story, then share the gospel – the greatest story every told.  I promise you’ll see lives changed.  He redeems  – just read these stories…

Marla Taviano ~ There’s No Happy Ending {Story 1 of 30}

Laura Waits ~ Trading in the American Dream {Story 2 of 30}

Andrea McNeely ~ A Tremendous Grace {Story 3 of 30}

Keri Verwolf ~ Called to Honduras {Story 4 of 30}

Ali Hooper ~ A Wretch Like Me {Story 5 of 30}

Leigh Anne Hudson ~ Too Far Gone? {Story 6 of 30}

Teresa Henry ~ Forgiven and Free {Story 7 of 30}

Marilyn Yocum ~ I Don’t Want This to Be My Story {8 of 30}

Ruth Chowdhury ~ Fighting Anxiety {Story 9 of 30}

Lisa Copenhaver ~ Free Indeed {Story 10 of 30}

Krysten Case ~ Redefining Our Good {Story 11 of 30}

Jennifer Ireland ~ ‘Season’ of Redemption {Story 12 of 30}

Kathleen Krueger ~ When God is Silent {Story 13 of 30}

Amber Berry ~ Sharing the Load {Story 14 of 30}

Marissa Henley ~ The Real Story {Story 15 of 30}

Renee Fisher ~ I Survived My 20’s {Story 16 of 30}

Maria Keckler ~ I Lost My Job, Where is God? {Story 17 of 30}

Heather Ward ~ A Heart for God {Story 18 of 30}

Elisa Pulliam ~ Pain into Purpose {Story 19 of 30}

Jennifer Rollins ~ Tragedy to Triumph {Story 20 of 30}

Rochelle Ruiz ~ The Christmas Miracle {Story 21 of 30}

Robin Anderson ~ Giving Thanks for His Plan, Not Mine {Story 22 of 30}

Brooke Fradd ~ The Little Things {Story 23 of 30}

Valerie Ashcraft ~ The Pain of Infertility {Story 24 of 30}

Tiffany Board ~ I Go for Him, I Go for Them {Story 25 of 30}

Aidan Rogers ~ Not Enough {Story 26 of 30}

Morgan McKeown ~ SEEing Others {Story 27 of 30}

Pilar Arsenec ~ The Struggling Christian {Story 28 of 30}

Sundi Jo Graham ~ Addicted to Food {Story 29 of 30}

Tricia Goyer ~ His Bigger, Greater Plan {Story 30 of 30}

Deepest, heartfelt thanks to each of the ladies who shared in November.  I can’t thank you enough.  Your love of and faithfulness to your Creator is evident and inspiring.


  1. Inspiring Sarah….Inspiring.

  2. Love this, Sarah. Looking forward to our session this Friday! 🙂

  3. Thank you Sarah for allowing each person to share their stories. It was truly an honor to read each one. The Bible is filled from beginning to end with the stories of God’s people so that we can know and understand who God is, how He sees us, and what He expects from us. I pray that people saw themselves in one or more of these stories and knew that they were not alone…that there is hope…that God restores, loves, directs, and protects.

  4. Praying for you as you continue to move through the process. God is in it!

    • Marilyn…I keep your emails handy:) They are my guidebook in many ways…thanks for your prayers…super thankful for you and your wisdom!

  5. It was a honor to be a part of your project… will be praying with you until the day God chooses to reveal your story. I cannot wait to catch up the next time we see one another. Until then, be blessed, my friend!

  6. Sarah, I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to reveal to you how to share your story and the healing he’ll do in you in the process. Love you, dear sister in Christ, and so thankful for the next part of the story God is going to write for us together.

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