Are You Too Busy? The Gift of Time {Giving~Day 3 of 12}

Tis the season to be busy.

Christmas shopping, working, cleaning, preparing for get-togethers, cookie-baking, concerts, school plays, wrapping, church activities…and on.

How’s your calendar look?  Overloaded?

How do you feel right now?  Overloaded?

Me too.

I completely stink at time management.  I get immersed in reading, writing, cleaning, or spending time with my family, and all else fades.  When I jump in to something, I am ALL in.

I can’t do anything halfway.  Multi-tasking is not my thing.

So, as the holidays approached, I promised myself I would not stress; I would not get in over my head.  I would calmly and prayerfully approach this season.  I would enjoy, not stress.

Last night I was on my computer.  (I’d taken Tuesday off from email and my blog and was definitely feeling “behind.”)  My husband, Steve, was gathering us for our family Bible study; I kept saying…just a minute.  Hold on.

Woah.  Is there anything more important than reading God’s Word with my kiddos?  Than praying with my family?   No.  Oh my word.  I needed smacked!

God kept me up for awhile after our family Bible study. I chatted with a friend about my inability to say no and manage time well, especially when the to-do list is longer because of the holidays.

I pulled out my Jesus Calling book and journal, asking God to write on that paper whatever he needed me to know.  Song lyrics began coursing through my mind and on to the paper…

Hallelujah, we’ve been found

A child is born to save us now

Hallelujah, light has come

A Savior who will set us free

A promise for those who believe

Barlow Girl, Light Has Come

I’ve been found.  A child was born to save me.  He’s the light of the world and calls me to shine His light in the world (Matthew 5).

I am His.  I don’t have to please everyone this season (or ever).  I can’t be in 30 places at once, doing 30 different things.  I can’t say yes to every get together.  I can’t meet every need.

But, He can.  He will.  Sometimes I simply forget He doesn’t need me.  (He want me though:)

I am called to be His hands and feet (Mark 16), but not in all places all at once.  In fact, that way of thinking is prideful and arrogant.  Again, He doesn’t need me.

Light Has Come served as a reminder that he’s the light, shining through me.  He can’t shine through me if I am in a crazed state, running from place to place.

I know this.  I have known this.  But, I am thankful God sat me down and reminded me last night.  That reminder made today peaceful.

Sitting with my kiddos.  Cooking for some sweet people.  Coloring Christmas pictures with two great friends and those staying at a local homeless shelter.

Just yesterday, I would’ve viewed two hours of coloring as something for which I did not have time.

Today?  It was joyful.  Sweet.  Heart-warming.  A privilege.  To sit with others, talking, laughing, and coloring. Just being.

I pray you’re making time to color this season.  One of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of time.

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