The Gift of Friendship {Giving~Day 5 of 12}

A few weeks ago I read this post by Mary DeMuth:  Start Your Own Friendship Brunch!  I loved the idea but hesitated.  I am no cook.  When I invite people over, I make tacos or buy food.

The oddest thing though…I felt God pressing on me to have a brunch.  I have some amazing friends who have walked with me through much.  I’d been wanting to say thank you, but everyone seemed too busy.

Still, I picked a day and sent the invitations.  Some of my friends had to work, some had Christmas parties for their kiddos, and one had strep throat.  But, those who were able to come touched my heart deeply.

Because the ladies I invited are from different “areas” of my life, some of them didn’t know one another.  It was sweet to see all of them connect, as they are each so special to me.

We chatted over brunch foods – all purchased at Sam’s Club or Tim Horton’s cause I am not a cook, remember?.;) It was nice to fellowship with women who are all after God’s heart. Women who love Him…such a sweet environment.

Then, I gave each of them two things:  A book called Impact My Life and a letter telling her how she’s impacted my life.


It’s so important that women share with one another how each of you is impacting the other.  We don’t stop often enough to say thank you – for your time, for your words, for your smile, for your friendship.

That’s what I wanted this brunch to be:  a moment in time when I stopped to say you’ve impacted me and I thank you.

So, I “themed” the brunch after Elisa Pulliam’s book Impact My Life.

I love this book because it finally helped me to understand that God can use anyone- even in the brokenness:  Impact My Life will enable you to see yourself being used by the Lord, right here, right now, for the benefit of those people perfectly placed in your corner of the world…Our qualifications come from the Lord…it’s a willing spirit that matters, not life experience, a gifted personality, or a seemingly perfect life.  Expertise and degree qualifications do not matter to hurting hearts, lost souls or women hungry for love wrapped in truth.

I was placed in the corner of each of these ladies’ worlds.  And they were placed in mine.  They’ve taught me much, and I pray I’ve returned the favor in some small way.

These words from Impact My Life describe my friends well:  When a woman arises each morning, established in her identity as a daughter of the King, with a fresh desire to live for God’s glory, she is inspiring to the next generation.

These ladies are inspiring to me – and my daughter.  Friends like that are a true gift from Him.

To remember each of them and her relationship to Him this Christmas, I asked my friends to write on a Christmas ornament their names and their favorite characteristics of God.  I will cherish these always.

During this season of giving, I pray you recognize friendship as a gift from above – a gift you can give and receive freely.  As the new year approaches, I also pray you read Impact My Life and ask God how you can live a life of impact – impacting others for His Kingdom.


  1. Well done, brunch queen!!!

    • Thanks! It shall be an annual event;) It was a little too “last minute” to use all my Pinterest ideas, so I plan to start a Friendship Brunch board for next year. Again, thanks for the inspiration. I’ve decided I will dedicate the new year to making Him EVERYTHING. So, it won’t be too hard to find a book for next year’s brunch gift;)

  2. I adore you, Sarah, for your creativity, motivation, and authentic faith lived out! Thank you for being my friend and supporting me in so many ways. My life is better because of knowing you!

    • How sweet,Lisa. I appreciate these words more than you’ll ever know! My life is definitely better for knowing you too:) Merry Christmas, friend!

  3. How cool. So glad it turned out well. I may have to check out that book.

    • I hope you do! Impact My Life propelled me out of a “funk.” I was waiting for some bolt from heaven before I mentored or taught again…or before I worked to take my blog to the next level. God used Elisa’s book to tell me, “Time’s wasting, Sarah. Days are passing. I’ve gifted you for a certain call, and you’re wasting the life I’ve given you. As Jeff Goins says, “just start!” So, I repented of my excuses and pity party. Ignored all those opinions floating in my head, especially from church leaders who thought I needed to be “qualified,” and allowed God to begin working.

  4. I so enjoyed yesterday Sarah. Your letter was beautiful and will be stored in my memory box. I began to read the book at the doctors office yesterday and I love the idea of afternoon tea. I truly enjoyed it friend. Thank you again!

    • Thanks for coming, Lisa! I can’t wait to see what God brings for the 2013 brunch…what book? what verse? what friends? I hope you enjoy Impact My Life…it’s a treasure trove of good ideas and encouragement.

  5. Well friend – here’s the deal … you challenge me. You encourage me. You make my corner of the world a richer place by being in it. THANK YOU for the gifts. The words in the book and your own are equally precious. Would be neat to do the brunch again next year after having all read the book and invite one or two people that we each have chosen to deliberately and intentionally invest in and mentor over the coming year…watch the circle grow and disciples multiply 😉 Thank you for your investments into this heart and into the Kingdom at large. Your friendship is a gift.

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