Are You Looking for Wonder?


A cause of astonishment or admiration; miracle; the quality of exciting amazed admiration.

Christmas has always filled me with wonder.

As a tot, I was in awe of Santa’s magical entry in our house.

As a tween, I was amazed at a child being born of a virgin so he could die for humanity’s sin.

As a young mom, my heart filled with wonder as the morning unveiled gifts to my kiddos.  With each one they opened, wonder.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had an abundance of wonder-filled moments.  And, I “wonder” – is it because I am looking for it?  I’ve never been wonderstruck so much in my life.  Have I been missing God’s wonder amidst the craziness of life?

Margaret Feinberg recently sent me a preview copy of her book Wonderstruck:  Awaken to the Nearness of God, releasing on December 26.  I’ve only read the preview copy, not the entire book, and I usually wouldn’t recommend a book I’ve not read.

But, her book turned me to God’s word to look for wonder…and suddenly, I am seeing it all around me.

Wonder…at my son as he chose a Christmas present for me.  His 10-year-old heart asking questions, trying diligently to choose the perfect gift.  He gave me a bracelet with John 3:16 inscribed on it.

Wonder…at the lady ringing the bell for the Salvation Army in front of a nearby Wal-Mart, yelling Merry Christmas and smiling at each passer by.

Wonder…as I watched a group of boys from ages 5-10 play together at a local homeless shelter – some homeless, some who live in large homes.

Wonder…at God’s work in the lives of my good friends who are in ministry.  They have endured much for His namesake, and now He’s provided an amazing ministry opportunity hundreds of miles away.

Wonder…at my daughter as she practiced her dance for our church’s Christmas Eve service.  What a gift she has to praise God through movement.

Wonder…at a friend who can’t trust others, but is fighting to grow closer to God and trust again.

Wonder…at a rainbow I saw the day after the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, reminding me of God’s promises.

Wonder…at a friendship God formed across hundreds of miles and the timing of this sweet sister’s gift to me.

Wonder… at a husband who leads his family in a nightly devotional, prays over meals, studies God’s word with me, and daily turns His life over to His Savior.

Wonder…at a child born in a manger.  The Savior of the world.

Wonder…at a man who, before He knew me, died a torturous death on a cross for my sin.  Not His sin – mine.

Wonder…at the promise that someday I’ll get to meet this man who died for me.

AS soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.  Mark 9:15

Margaret writes, “Scripture suggests we are meant to live in wild awe and amazement of Jesus Christ.  From the announcement of Christ’s arrival, His miracle-studded birth, and throughout His powerful life, ministry, death, and resurrection, we find those who encounter Christ taken aback with a deep sense of wonder.”

As we celebrate His birth, are you filled with wonder?  Taken aback at all He’s done for you and in you?

Are you looking for wonder?  Is your heart open to being wonderstruck?

Wonderstruck:  “the insistent invitation of the Spirit is to stay alert! Eyes wide open. Hands pressed against the glass. We never know when or how God…will appear. But we can live each day trusting that the God who met us in the past will once again greet us with arms wide open in the future. God extends endless invitations to encounter him, yet too often we sleep straight through. Unconscious of the life God wants for us, we slumber in the presence of the sacred and snore in the company of the divine. We remain asleep while God roosts in our midst. Inactive and inert, we become spiritual sleepyheads who clamor for the snooze button rather than climb out of bed. In our dormant states, we miss the opportunities to experience his many gifts and to know the Giver more fully.”

The wonder of God is that moment of spiritual awakening that makes us curious to know God more.

I pray you are alert to wonder, beginning today.  Don’t miss the opportunities to experience his many gifts and to know Him more fully.  You never know when or how He will appear.

Merry Christmas, friends!  May you be filled with wonder today and always.


  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart through your words. I am in Awe of our God….He did something I could not do…..sent His Son to die for me…..I could not let my son die for me or you. I pray for you and our Table of Sarah. I know you will have a Merry Christmas! Blessings to you sweet Sarah.

  2. LOVE this post, Sarah. God’s wonder is truly breathtaking– if only we take a moment to notice. Wishing you a wonder-filled Wednesday. May he continue to astound you again and again!

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