Learning to Trust…Again

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I have horrible eyesight.  I got my first pair of glasses in third grade.  The huge frames were light pink fading into light blue with my initials in the corner of the thick lenses.  So tacky…someone really should have intervened 😉

When I wake up in the morning, I fumble and bumble for my glasses before I can see the clock.  Sure I can see shapes and outlines, but it’s blurry until I put my glasses on. I need my glasses to see the world.

I was thinking this morning…I’d love to have “God” glasses to put on, so the blurriness in my life would come into focus.

Lately, I have felt God calling me to something new, and He’s given me clues and affirmation, but the big picture is blurry at best. If only I could put on my “God” glasses before stepping forward into the great unknown.  If only I could see beyond the initial commitment to write and serve.  But, I can’t.

To be obedient, I’ll have to trust God and step out in faith.  Trust.  That’s a hard one for me.  I am not a fan of the unknown.  But, I’ve discovered recently that trusting God does not mean I can’t be concerned, fearful, or uncertain about what’s up ahead.

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Trust does not mean I won’t or shouldn’t feel.  I should.

Trust is doing what God says anyway – despite my fear, uncertainty, and concern.

When I struggle with trusting and taking the next step of obedience, I think of Abraham and Sarah.  In Genesis 15, God promises to make Abraham  a great nation:  “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

Abraham had no children; his wife, Sarah, was barren.  And, they were in their 70’s!  Yet, they remained faithful and obedient, trusting an unseen God.  They didn’t have a Bible to read, reminding them of His faithfulness to others, reminding them of His character. Still, they trusted.  And, in Genesis 17, 90-year-old Sarah and 100-year-old Abraham had a son named Isaac.  They had trusted God and waited (with a few slip ups) for about 25 years.

Did they doubt?  Yes.  (Evidenced in Genesis 16 when Sarah decides another women should give Abraham a child.)

Were they scared?  I bet so.  They left a nice home and their family to follow where God called.  Later, Abraham tells Pharaoh that Sarah is his sister because he feared for his life.

Were they concerned? Uncertain?  Yes.  Read Genesis 12 to 22.  Much cause for concern and uncertainty in their lives!


They trusted.  They followed.

Not because the future was crystal clear. They didn’t have God “glasses” either. Yet, they were obedient to God in spite of fear, uncertainty, and disappointment.

Wherever and to whatever God is calling you today, I pray you step forward.  Trust God even when you can’t see the next step…even when your vision’s blurry.  He is faithful.  Seek Him each step of the way by listening carefully to His voice, studying His word, seeking counsel, and praying to Him.

Will you be scared?  Concerned?  Uncertain?  Probably.  But, that’s ok.  Do what He says anyway – that’s trust.


  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    You are thoughtful…..and thought provoking……thank you. I liked your analogy of your glasses. Hope you have a blessed day

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