Hats for Hope {from Hannah}

I am not crafty.  I can copy a thing or two from Pinterest, but that’s it.

In fact, I have no desire to be crafty.  I wish I did; I’ve scrapbooked on occasion but to sit and craft?  Nope.  Hand me a book or blank page and pen.

But, I gave birth to the craftiest gal around.  My daughter, Hannah, topped her Christmas list with a sewing machine, gift card to Hobby Lobby, and yarn.  It was easy shopping.

Next thing I know she shows me this:

Han first hat made

Look what I made, Mom.  Wow. Who knew?  I asked how she learned:  a video on YouTube.

Again, who knew?

Hannah kept making hats.  She made a set for my friend’s newborn twin girls…

Han twin hats

and she made one to match her Aunt Dawnna’s ski jacket.

Soon, the hats began piling up.  So, around Christmas, Hannah presented a plan to her dad and me:  I want to open a shop on Etsy.  I need to make money to buy more yarn to make more hats.

han 7 hats Han Navy hat w flower

Ok.  But, why do we need more hats?  (A natural question.)

I want to give them away to people at the homeless shelter, those who have lost hair because of cancer treatments, and others.  I plan to attach a verse of hope to the hat.  The more hats I sell, the more yarn I can buy, and the more hats I can make and give away. 

My first response?  You’re 12.  You can’t open an Etsy shop at age 12.  I didn’t exactly say this, but I hinted at it, (sadly) attempting to discourage her.  Then, my own words came back to me straight from my daughter’s mouth: Mom, you always say to dream God-sized dreams.  Not dreams we can accomplish on our own, but ones that God has to show up in and He gave me this idea.

Our family had just listened to this sermon from Perry Noble.  Perry talked about dreaming big according to His will as God has a reason and a plan for each of us.

And, Hannah is dreaming big. After six weeks of prayer and preparation, Hannah is ready to launch Hats for Hope.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 1.22.59 PM

The hats she’s making now will go with me to Honduras in June.  She’s making them as chemo caps for those we will visit in the hospital.  This part of the plan came from my friend, Jen, who also gave Hannah her first yarn donation last night.

For now, Hannah’s not opening an Etsy shop.  She still plans to, and we’re working on it, but instead she’s asking for yarn for her 13th birthday.

In just a few weeks, Hannah will become a teenager, and in celebration she’d like to collect 1,300 skeins of yarn. Yes, 1,300.  She dreams big! I’ve not worked out where I’ll store the yarn yet, but it doesn’t matter.  God is working in my daughter’s heart, and she’s being obedient to His call. 

From Hannah:  I am excited to start Hats for Hope.  For my 13th birthday I hope to collect 1,300 skeins of yarn.  I want to make hats for the patients in Honduras and eventually those in local hospitals.  I still hope to have an Etsy shop some day, so I can make money to purchase my own yarn.  I love crocheting and sewing.  I am glad I can share my gift with others.  I am praying for the people who will get my hats.  I want to share hope with each person who gets a hat by sharing a Bible verse. If you’d like to donate yarn, please choose yarn that says soft or simply soft.  I want the hats to be comfortable and nice. Thank you!

If you’d like to join Hannah, please comment or email.  We’d be happy to share our address.  Hannah wants to start her own Hats for Hope blog too…but that’s another idea-slinging story for another day:)


  1. I would *love* to help!! My heart is so happy after reading this!

  2. Missy Sturm says:

    I was very touched after reading this! It really hit home for me. Since my Dad was diagnosed with leukemia last August and has gone through treatments and a transplant, he now has no hair. He is rarely without a hat on. It helps keep him warm. She will have no idea the way she will touch other’s lives by such a simple gesture. I will pray for your journey Hannah! May God will bless your efforts!

    • Hannah,
      I remember coming to the hospital the day you were born and seeing what a beautiful baby you were. You have grown into such an incredible young lady and I am so proud of you. I saw dawn’s hat and its fantastic. You will bless so many lives and I am sure that God will continue to bless your life as well. You are an inspiration to kids your age, im sure, but you are also an inspiration to us older peeps too. 😉 I’ll be sending you a package soon!!

    • Missy…Thank you for commenting – truly. This serves as such encouragement for Hannah:) We’ve prayed for your dad and Dennis during our family Bible study time – and will continue to pray!

  3. Laura Gae Gardner says:

    I will try to get yarn to your mom so Hannah can get it the next time you all see each other. I know someone that has some besides what I have and I will check on it also. Love that girl. Your whole family is such an inspiration. Laura Gae

  4. Hannah is invited to come look through my yarn (and needle) stash!

  5. I’d love to get your address to send yarn…you can email me at jnkbull@ grmail. com

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