Where Two or More are Gathered {Church in My Basement}

In the midst of the craziness and the pain and things that overwhelm us, can we sit at the table and share in that for which we are thankful?  Because that is where, together, I know we will find our joy.  Sara Frankl

A friend and I were talking about Good Friday.  We longed for a time of worship, communion, and Scripture.  No frills or extras.  No expectations.  Just to sit at His feet and say thank you.

A time at the table, sharing in that for which we are thankful…His death for our sins and resurrection.

We’re blessed to know some talented musicians who agreed to lead us in worship for an hour in my basement.  We bought some bread and grape juice, lit a few (ok, way too many) candles, and sat down on couches and bean bags.  My daughter read about the Passover from Luke, and I read about His crucifixion from Matthew.  A friend prayed and another friend read a blessing over us.


It was simply beautiful.

Watching families…husbands and wives…take communion together. Some standing.  Some on their knees.


It reminded me of my desire and God’s directive a few weeks ago to get back to the heart of worship.  NOT what we’ve made it. But a time that’s all about Him alone.

It also reminded me that where two or more are gathered in His name – He is there (Matthew 18:20).  Whether in my basement…at the park…in a million dollar church building…wherever.  He joins us when we gather in His name.


While I love the teaching and opportunities at my church, I sometimes get wrapped up in church.  Just doing church.  Programming and process.  I often forget to simply worship my Savior who died and rose again.

So, I loved being still, knowing He is God.  Sitting on a bean bag, listening to the beautiful voice of a sweet gal, thanking Him for all He’s done, is doing, and will do.  Remembering that I can worship Him in many places  – not just at “church” – that in fact, this was church.

I look forward to many more basement worship services…I look forward to Sunday mornings in my church building…I look forward to my family’s Bible study each morning.  I love all of it.

I just hope we all remember the importance of worshipping Him always.  Living in a spirit of gratitude.  Thinking outside the box of a church building when it comes to sitting at His feet.  Engaging in worship with just a few in our homes.  Worshipping Him love throughout the week, not just on Sunday.

This weekend was awesome.  Good Friday, Easter Sunday with my family, and my sister’s 40th birthday celebration.  I ended Lent with way too much diet Pepsi and the realization that I’ve been living WAY out of balance.  I plan to write about it as soon as I muster up the courage to admit the realities of my messy heart and a few failures that make me want to kick myself.

But, for today, I am clinging to my Living Proof memorization verse for April 1:    “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8



  1. WE had church at home as well. Communion was sweet with the family. Glad to connect with you

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