I Am From {An Exercise We Should All Try for Better or Worse}

{An I Am From poem linked up on She Loves Magazine}

I am from books, from Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and penciled stories

I am from the split-level brick house with light green door and the trailer on wheels under which the wind whips and screeches

I am from the apple trees whose apples fall plop on my trailer’s tin roof and later fill my tummy

I am  from over-the-top holiday celebrations and stylish hair

I am from Allen and Diana

I am from belly laughs and unsolicited opinions and from having “voices that carry”

I am from “Do NOT let them talk to you that way” and “You’re special”

And “He’s got the whole world in His hands”

I am from loving each other deeply and defending one another staunchly

I am from a small town whose mascot is a Dot that boasts a corner supermarket where everybody knows your name

From pinto beans, fried potatoes, and grain-fed on our farm beef

From Mr. Touchdown and the junior class homecoming representative

From the summer my dad was jobless in which we twirled batons and broke Home Interior

From naming cars and trucks – Old Blue and the Little Gray Ghost

From the fake Christmas tree with impatiently-drilled holes to make assembly quicker

All stored safely in my heart

I am from the quiet, conservative Methodist church in town with service order and blue-stained glass windows and from the overachievers

I am from people who love deeply and forgive sparingly

I am from weekends camping, roasting marshmallows, and family get-togethers

I am from “treat others the way you want to be treated”

And so I try

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  1. I love that you named cars and trucks.

    I loved reading more about you, Sarah. Thank you for linking up with your beautiful words.

    • Thanks:) I always love looking back. I am actually thinking of turning this idea into a worship station. We hold a retreat for 100 missionaries in Honduras in November. I thought this might be good for their hearts:)

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