Returning to Honduras {for Revive} {Please Partner with Us}

Sitting on the cabin’s front porch, I watched them hug one another goodbye.  Old friends reunited.  New friends discovered.  Tears everywhere as each returned to her “corner” of Honduras.

Refueled.  Revived.

Ready to see family and friends and serve Jesus.

No words were or are adequate for the four days I spent last year in Honduras with Women of Purpose’s Revive team and 100 English-speaking missionaries.  I’d come along to blog and update. Jesus had sent me to be changed.

I listened to story after story.  Prayed prayer after prayer.  Embraced sister after sister.

Stories of hope and hopelessness.  Stories of faith and stories of tragedy.  Some stories had endings; others are still in progress.

Many different approaches to ministry from many different religious traditions.

All for Jesus.

Through these stories and diverse perspectives, I saw God.  I witnessed His love, His faithfulness, His redemption, His unity…all of Him.

It’s an understatement to say my faith was increased.  It was increased, solidified, and…well, there’s no words for the honor of serving the missionaries and what that does to a gal’s beliefs and heart.

On November 7, I’ll return to Honduras for Revive along with the Women of Purpose team. Once again, we will worship and pray and lean into Jesus. We will share stories of heartache and joy.  I will see old friends, and I hope to make new ones.

But, best of all, we will gather for four days to focus solely on our Creator – on the one who died for us and deserves all honor, praise, and glory  – for He is our King.

My prayer is that you’ll partner with us in serving those who serve.

Revive has become a connecting place for missionaries.  A place to share ministry mistakes and cultural concerns.  To sing glory to God, cry tears of hurt, share stories of victory, and love one another.

We all need such a place.  We all need such community and connection to live rescued.

If you’d like to partner with us, we appreciate any donation, any amount. Please email me ( to help.

May God be given all glory.

15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15


  1. Thanks sweet friend for all you do in ministry and love fur us, the women servants in Honduras! Can’t wait to get my hugs!!!

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