Give Grace {Are Facebook Rants Helpful?} {Day 2 of 31}

I open Facebook to pass the time, waiting on my daughter as she finishes dance class.  As I scroll, I smile at the accomplishments and pray for the requests.

And then…

I see it:  A rant about infidelity.

I realize Facebook is a place to post whatever you’d like.  It’s your profile.  Up to you what you say and how you say it. I mostly brag on my kids and share my Jesus.


This rant about infidelity breaks my heart.  I wonder…how is this helpful?

If you’re about to have an affair, does reading a rant on adultery stop you from having the affair?  If you’ve been the victim of an affair, does reading that more Jesus would’ve fixed your marriage help you heal or heap on hurt?  If you’re a couple who has been through infidelity and you’re still married, trying to heal, does reading about a return to Genesis 2 and what someone thinks of “cheaters” remind you of a forgiving and loving God who is for you?

Life is not that simple.  We love to think in blacks and whites and not in grays.  But, there are grays.  Every marriage, every situation is different.

Is more Jesus the answer to most, if not all, issues in life?  I’d say so.

Do we need to speak and hold to truth from God’s Word regarding every situation, including marriage? Absolutely.

But, sometimes, sharing Jesus’ love is simply sitting beside your hurting friend with closed mouth and closed eyes, praying to the only one we know can redeem…

Father, we pray for the hearing of the gospel as much as the preaching of the gospel.  Without your grace, we remain dead.  Scotty Smith

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Praying our hearts “hear” the gospel. For without the gospel – without his grace – we remain dead.

Instead of “ranting” or trying to fix with “this is what worked for us” or speaking about a situation when you haven’t walked that person’s path or even asked her about her path, could we extend grace and prayer today?

Could we simply sit alongside those who are hurting and offer them love and prayer?

Can our gospel message for today be…he loves you so much, hurting friend, that he DIED for you.  I don’t have all the answers.  I don’t know what it’s like to be you or hurt in this way, but I know the One who holds you in His hands.

And maybe your friend isn’t even ready for those words.  If not, hug her tight and cry alongside her as you silently pray to the only One who can truly help.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.  Ephesians 4:32

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

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