She’s Been With Jesus Today {Being NOT Doing} {Day 3 of 31}

I read this in Everyday Prayers this morning…

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Lord Jesus, doing noble things for you is not the same thing as spending life-giving time with you.  Thinking great thoughts about you is not the same thing as vital communion with you . Helping others understand the gospel is not the same thing as drinking presently and deeply from the wellspring of grace for myself.  In all honestly, I am not really concerned about others being able to say, “He’s been with Jesus.”  I want my own heart to know that I’ve been with  you.  

Today, this touched my heart as I sit preparing to speak at a conference this weekend.  My topic is “living rescued” – living so that others look at you and say, “She’s been with Jesus.”

Isn’t that what we all desire?  For our Creator and those around us to look upon us and say…my daughter, she’s been with me today. My friend, she’s been with Jesus today.

Spend time with him today, friend.  Drink deeply from His wellspring of grace, which is for all.  And, then, extend that grace to others.

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