My Dad’s Birthday {A Reminder of the Gospel} {Day 4 of 31}

Today is my dad’s birthday.  I’ve written about him every October and January since I began blogging.  As I looked bak at some of those posts this morning, I read this:

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 11.12.05 PM

My dad.  He was there.  Always.  He loved us.  He provided for us. Period.

That’s my father in Heaven too.

He is there.  Always.   He provides for my every need.  Period.

As I struggle today, God knew just what I needed – a reminder that He is always there, never leaving me or forsaking me.  He is all I need.  Period.

While fighting a cold, He is all need.  In this difficult season of life, He is all need.

His grace is sufficient.  His love is more than enough. The gospel assures me of that.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  We love and miss you. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend, hoping to make you proud.  Thankful for every gospel sing and revival you took me to.  Thankful for every event you ever endured just to watch your little girl.  Thankful for everyday you spent with us and looking forward to each one we will spend together in eternity.


  1. Brenda Parsons says:

    Hi Sarah… may or may not remember me. I’m Brenda Harrison….Bennie & Delores’ daughter and we camped together during the summers at VAA. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your dad and you are absolutely beautiful!

    • I absolutely remember you, Brenda! I have MANY great memories of your mom and dad…and TONS of fond VAA memories:) I loved your dad a bunch too…thanks for reminding me of those times.

  2. Bonnie Bailey says:

    Your dad was a great guy Sarah. I was in elementary school when he and your mom started dating so I saw him on a regular basis. He drove the ‘coolest’ Nova…lol Anyone who saw him and your mom together knew how much they loved each other. And then when you and Dawnna came along…you girls were the love of his life (along with Mountaineer football!) I understand your grief. I’ve lost both parents but time does heal leaving us with the good memories. You are solid in your faith so hold onto that. God is good and will always take care of us. Keep looking up girl! <3

  3. Sue Adams says:

    Sarah, As I read these daily postings I am blessed. Each allows me to focus on my life and where I am spiritually. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Sue:) As I have studied the gospel, I have learned that I must “preach” or remind myself daily of the good news. I hope this series helps others do that too!:) (LOVE YOU:)

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