Breathe {Advice for the Overwhelmed} {Day 6 of 31}



When I get worked up about something, I begin to talk quickly and in circles.  The more I talk, the more worked up I get.  I begin remembering all my “to-do’s” and feeling overwhelmed.

When I was a student teacher, my mentor would catch me in these moments and say…Breathe.

Such simple advice, but I remember it often.  I remind myself to take a deep breath, thanking my Creator for the breath.

And when my heart turns to thankfulness, the overwhelming, panicky feeling begins to subside.

And when my heart turns to the gospel, the overwhelming, panicky feeling disappears.

I have no reason to feel overwhelmed, inadequate, panicky, or any of those things if I focus on Him and his work for me on the cross.  It’s a relief to know this life isn’t about me or my to-do list.  Or my works.  Or my opinion.  Or my failures.

It’s about Him – and only Him.

[Insert deep breath…and much relief here.]

“It’s not the gospel if it doesn’t cause you to breathe a sigh of relief.”  Scotty Smith


  1. Sue Adams says:

    Still my motto. I have learned to stop – breathe – look at His gift around me. God never gives us more than we can handle; we just have to bit it off in small pieces and it will get done.

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