Flinging Rocks {In Honduras for Revive}

One by one they come.  Smiling, hugging, and laughing. It’s like a joyous reunion of long-lost friends.  They fill out forms, pose for a picture, and settle into cabins.

They’ve come from throughout Honduras. Some drove, some flew, and some rode on a bus.  But, they’ve all come for one reason:  To sit at His feet for the next four days.

from the front Revive

I’m in Honduras with the Women of Purpose team for Revive:  a four-day retreat for English-speaking missionaries living and serving in Honduras.  Today, I have hugged sweet sisters  – those I’ve known for a year, those I’ve just met, and those with whom I’ve served on short-term trips to Honduras.

And they ask…

How are you?

And they tell me…

I have been praying for you.

And they remind me…

God is faithful, and He loves me deeply. 

Many have come bone tired and weary from looking poverty in the face day after day.  From taking care of families – biological and adopted.  From listening to gals as young as 12 tell them of beatings and rape.  From teaching at bilingual schools.  From ministry pressure that none can fathom.  From ministry politics no one wants to speak of.

And they ask…How are you?

And they tell me…You are loved.

And they remind me…God is creating a sisterhood here.  Sisters from the States linking arms with sisters serving in Honduras – loving and supporting one another.

We are ALL changed by loving one another. 

Last night each of us placed a rock at the foot of the cross, forming an altar.  The altar will serve as a reminder throughout the weekend that we have laid down our stones instead of “flinging” them at another person or ministry through the words we use and actions we choose.


Laying down my rock was tough.  There are LOTS of stones I’d like to throw today…at those who have hurt me, continue to hurt me.  But, I ask myself – and I encourage you to ask yourself – for what purpose will I fling the stone?  At those who have hurt you, at those who you feel are more gifted, at those who feel threatened by you, at those who seem to have it all or at those who seem to have nothing.

Why fling words?

Instead, I choose to be hidden in Him, preaching the gospel to myself every single day.

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rockand my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14


  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    I love you sweet Sarah. You are a true warrior for our Jesus…..Your love for Him shines even when you have sorrow. thank you for sharing. BLESSINGS

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