Going About Our Going {Being Mindful of the People That You Meet Each Day}

I’ve sat in this chair before…pen poised over paper just in case he says something I want to remember.  Sometimes, my self-righteous self feels like I have heard it all before, but I am looking forward to this.

I’ve struggled with how we “help” others. How can those of us who help (and all Christ followers are commanded to help) do so in a wise way?  Without hurting?

Two days exploring this topic…I couldn’t wait.

As Larry Ragan opened his Culture Link workshop, he began with this directive from our Creator – the last instructions he gave before ascending into heaven…

15 And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Mark 16:15

I wasn’t surprised.  This is THE mission’s verse. And I was at mission’s workshop.

India, Honduras, and Haiti – going into all the world.  Work, home, school, the soccer field – going into  “all the world.”


Subbing at the local middle school doesn’t “feel” much like going.

Checking out at Wal-mart doesn’t feel much like going – even if I choose and engage with the same cashier over and over.

Helping my son with his homework doesn’t feel much like going.

Serving at church feels a bit more like going, but don’t those people already know the Good News?

Somewhere in my heart, the “go into all the world” has been reserved for intentional and organized discipleship efforts.  Classes and workshops.  Small groups and conferences.  Mission trips to Honduras or the local homeless shelter. Yes, going can be local, but it didn’t seem daily.

It is.

It is…

GOING about our GOING. 

walking street

I know.  It doesn’t sound very profound.  It’s something many of us have heard and know.

The verse says go.  That’s the action.  It doesn’t say build a house, serve a meal, or teach a skill.  It says go.

Go where?  ALL the world.  Your neighbor’s house.  India.  The homeless shelter.  Your son’s school.  ALL.

And do what as I go to these places…as I go about my going?  Preach the Good News to everyone.

As I go each day, God calls me to be mindful about sharing Him and his Good News.  And while you and I can and should certainly share Him with words, we can also share Him, honor Him, worship Him, acknowledge Him, and love Him as we go about our going.

As we drop off our kids at school and as we order takeout at China Kitchen (again and again:).  As we build a house in Honduras or serve a meal at the homeless shelter.  As we engage with this world each day, we are going about our going – going into ALL the world, representing the one we follow:  Jesus.

It’s discipling…

As we go about our lives, it’s how God uses us to help move others  along their spiritual timeline. The one who doesn’t know Christ and the one who has abided in Him for 40 years – God uses others to move both of them along…growing to be more and more like Jesus.

So as I began today, I stopped asking God to “show me who I can help or impact today” – a strategy in which I wait for the perfect person to cross my path and the moment he/she crosses I hear God yell…go!  That’s her!

Instead, I asked him to remind me of His presence as I go about my going.  To intentionally acknowledge and invest in each person who crosses my path, and perhaps continue the same path again and again so that person will keep crossing it.  To tap me on the shoulder or whisper in my ear – whatever it takes to remind me that today I am going about my going. For Him.

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