Looking for Something to Listen To? {Good Stuff}

Last Sunday I spent about five hours in the car alone. You should know: I HATE being alone. Yet, I know it’s essential sometimes. During this time, I listened to these three sermons and spent some time praying.  Whew. It was good time for my weary heart.

I hope these messages are good for your heart too. I agree wholeheartedly with two of them.  One gave me pause in a few places, but I question everything.  (So, that’s my disclaimer;)

Louie Giglio – Wounded: Stop and Stare– If you’re suffering or have ever suffered {all of us}, this message is for you.  Giglio suggests we focus on the cross, viewing our hurts in light of His love and sacrifice.  If you’re like me, you’re waiting and perhaps working toward healing.  But consider this:

“Our healing doesn’t begin when we make other people pay.  Our healing begins we realize we made Jesus pay.”

If you’re in the midst of a storm, please listen to this.  It’s heart changing.


Andy Stanley- Putting Religion in Its Place – We want answers for life’s mysteries. Is there an afterlife? Will I see my mom again? What does the Bible say about divorce? Does the Bible say we have to give ten percent of our money to the church?

Religion tries to answer those questions. Religion is about answers, order, predictability. Unfortunately, life isn’t about any of those things. Life can be messy. Religion has a place in our lives, but Jesus taught us it’s not the first place. When religion takes first place, it begins flexing its muscles at the expense of mercy.

My favorite quotes from this message:

  • Jesus consistently prioritized people over his own religion – his own customs and his own traditions.
  • Jesus would disregard the law for the sake of someone in need.
  • God didn’t create people for the law. He created the law for people.
  • Don’t leverage the law of God to hurt the people of God.
  • When you don’t know what to do, do what love requires of you.
  • Jesus never let theology get in the way of ministry.  He never leveraged theology in order to mistreat a person or to say, “I’d really love to help you out, but this is what I believe.”
  • Religion allows others to feel less than.
  • You are more important to me than my views.


Matt Chandler – Acts: The Second Wave – from the message: Paul begins to speak, and the Bible says Lydia’s eyes are opened. Her heart is opened, and she hears Paul, and she is baptized. What you have here is a wealthy businesswoman who is an extremely successful businesswoman who is moral and religious and at church but is not necessarily a follower of Christ. She is morally upright, and she is actively involved in church, but she has not laid her yes down and said, “I am a follower of Christ, and my life will be shaped by following Christ.”

Yet it’s in this space that Jesus steps in and saves. Such were some of us. When I say that, I don’t mean some of us were women with houses in London and Paris who were in the fashion industry and lived moral lives. I’m saying this was some of us in that we were religious and morally good according to the world’s standards (whatever those are). This is where Jesus found us. We were Christmas/Easter people. We were church folk. We would have defined ourselves as Christians, saw ourselves and, in comparison with others, we looked really good.

Then in the middle of that, Jesus saved us. He rescued us. There was a turn there from us no longer just being church folk…

Happy Easter!

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