Returning to the Classroom {My New Job – MORE Writing!}

In 2011 I left my job as a high school English teacher to home school my children.  Well, on the surface that’s why I left.  But, it was a loaded decision.

I found my identity in teaching.  I was a good teacher, often complimented by students and parents alike.  I took great pride in my job and loved teaching each and every student.  But, when my family began to fall apart, I could not hold teaching and family together.  I tried.  The last few months of my teaching career were nothing short of embarrassing. I fell far short of my standard {which is…each child is someone’s daughter or son.  I will not waste that child’s time because that parent has entrusted him/her to me}.

I felt God calling me to stay home.  Away from teaching.  Away from outside distractions.  He was calling me to be a wife and mom.

So, I walked away.

And it was gut-wrenching.

And I let tons of people down. Parents, students, fellow teachers.

But, I could tell no one…either I do this or I {will probably} lose my family.  I did not reject teaching, I chose my family. A decision between my husband, God, and me.  I had no heart energy for defending my choice.

For the next two years I home schooled Hannah and Owen.  And while I missed teaching teenagers, those two years were a complete JOY.  I love{d} spending time with my children. They are a delight.

I rested, focused.

It was a good season…and then life turned again.

This time, our marriage never recovered.

So, as a single mom, I began looking for employment again…a bit discouraged.  With some dread.

But, God.

I am excited to return to a school I love this fall.  The high school Hannah will attend next year:  Parkersburg South High School.


Best of all, I get to teach what I love:  Creative Writing.


I will also teach fine arts and {potentially} some other arts electives, but I am super excited about the opportunity to create my own writing curriculum and {prayerfully} build a program in which students engage fully in writing…to discover what they think, how they feel, where they have been, and where they are going.

Did I say “YAY!” yet?


Thanks, Father, for this gift.

{And may I still be calling this a “gift” this time next year ;)}


  1. So super-duper excited for you, friend!!

  2. Krista Yurchak says:

    I have had a similar experience of God removing from the arenas where I received many accolades. He has taken me into a season of seeking Him alone and grow in my knowledge of my identity in Christ. It has been difficult but rewarding. Now after about 15 months God is giving me opportunities that are rewarding and a blessing. Yay God.

    • He works that way, huh, Krista? It’s good to hear another story similar to mine…He is working all things together for good – according to his purpose (and timing) regardless of my wants. Thankfully!

  3. Sounds like a job custom-made for you: Exciting!

    • It really is in some ways. I am excited to teach outside the normal curriculum standards and objectives – with no standardized testing to answer to. While I appreciate accountability, I struggle with how and why we teach today’s generation, so hoping for a new approach:)

  4. Sarah, that is wonderful! I am so happy for you 🙂

  5. This is FANTASTIC! Super-excited for you and the kids you’ll be teaching!!

  6. Sarah Farish….the educational community is both excited and blessed to have you coming back to the classroom…You ARE an excellent teacher and students at PSHS will be better because of the contact they have with you….not only better as a student, but better as a person…Welcome back!!!

    • Thanks, Ken…that is a high compliment – one I pray daily I can live up to. I am excited to return to the classroom and to students. I pray we all become better people as we muddle through this life together:)

  7. This is awesome Sarah!! Congrats from a fellow Story Sister!

  8. Michelle Wilson says:

    The students are going to be blessed to have such a wonderful person for their teacher!

  9. Kyle McCartney says:

    It is amazing how God delivers us when we feel we are “floating” and looking for answers. We are happy to have you back!

  10. Kristin Holbert says:

    Please come back to Williamstown! Our children need you!!!!!

    • I loved my time at Williamstown for sure. Met some amazing kiddos those – like Levi! But, I am unable to handle the multiple preps that Williamstown gives. My teaching style doesn’t work in that way. But, that school is FILLED with great teachers 🙂

  11. Although we do not talk have no idea how much I needed to hear that…THIS VERY DAY! Thank you for reminding me that God is in control and he has a plan even if it’s not our plan and we can’t see it right away. Thank you. Oh and congratulations to you and best of luck!

  12. Valerie Schubert says:

    Dear Grace-filled Daughter of the King, I am so proud of you and may you delight in this gift and relish it fully. I pray that you will be light in those hallways and classrooms. Many blessings! Because Eternity Matters, Val

    • Thanks, Miss Valerie! I do pray I get to see you someday soon. You are breath of fresh air to my soul:) LOVE YOU!

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