To the Mom Who… {We Are All Mothers}

Today I celebrate an amazing mom. I can’t tag her- she’s facebookless. I won’t get to see her because I am being a mom today.  But, she knows…she is an amazing woman, not because she gave birth, but because she loves unconditionally.  [And NO one loves better than my MOMMA!]

mom w kids

Because THAT’s what makes a mom – unconditionally loving another, not simply giving birth.

To the mom who stays at home day in and day out.  Changing diapers and speaking baby babble…homeschooling…happy day.  I know you often feel lonely, but you are loved. And when your teen stands in front of you, you’ll say, “I am thankful for those years.”

To the mom who can’t stay home.  The mom who gets up, gets them ready, rushes out the door each day – either by choice or necessity – happy day.  The single mom.  The mom who chooses to make more to give more.  The mom whose salary is needed.   The mom who juggles child rearing, money making, dinner cooking, house cleaning, and much more. You are loved.

To the barren mom.  The mom with the ovulation calendar. The one who has been artificially inseminated and invitro fertilized.  I can’t imagine how this day feels to you.  Pictures on Facebook, wanting to celebrate your own momma, but feeling the weight of never having bore a child.  As if you’ve failed. You’re not fully a woman; a piece of you is missing.

I know you.  My sister, Dawnna, dwelled in your shoes for over 15 years. Waiting, praying.  She prayed aloud in the room she thought would be a nursery. She cried and yelled “why” toward heaven. She gave up.  She mothered my children as if they were her own.

mom and dawn

And today?  She’s awaiting June 25 and Chloe Grace.  Not because she prayed hard or “deserves” a child, but because this is a sovereign God’s plan – for her.  She has said…we all deserve nothing; it’s only by His grace and mercy and that we “get” anything.

And barren one?  You are loved.

me praying

To the mom-to-be.  My sister.  Oh, my word I am soooo excited for you!  Whether you’ve tried for 15 years or for one day, your world is about to change.  And you may already feel loved, but know that when those little eyes look into yours and those little hands grasp yours and that first cry wells from her chest, you will know love.

dawn and casey

To the one whose mom is gone. I am so sorry.  It’s not a happy day, and I will not even pretend to know how you feel. I won’t offer empty words or ask you to put a smile on your face.  Ugh! But, friend, you are loved.  You really are. He loves you. I love you.  I pray you see some love today.

To the one who has no relationship with her mom.  I don’t know why. I don’t know what she did to you or what you did to her, but I am so sorry.  Life is messy. Unfair. Often ugly.  And I pray for your heart today.  The heart looking around, asking God, Why isn’t my mom like that? Why didn’t she love me as I needed to be loved?  Why did she give me up, abuse me, act indifferently?  Was I not good enough to have a mom like the others? 

Yes, you are good enough- more than “good” enough. You are loved.  I can’t even offer understanding, but my heart hurts for you today.  I pray His peace for you.

To the single gal who wants nothing more than to be a mom.  I know how much baby showers and Mother’s Days and weddings hurt your heart. You smile big.  You show up (mostly) with a gift and congratulations. But somewhere deep you wonder.  Why not? Why me?

I want to remind you:  you are loved by so many.  You ARE a mother.  To each child you love – teaching, caring, adopting, hugging, and encouraging.  The children of your heart – they’re yours too. In fact…

We are all mothers.  To be a mom is to love another unconditionally. To offer yourself sacrificially for another.

So, to each of you.  Whatever today “feels” like… I invite you to step beyond the feel to the One.  Your Creator. The one who chose you to be a daughter.  With your birth, he gave the title Mom to another.  Step toward Him because…

HE loves you. 

Maybe the world doesn’t love you. Maybe you don’t feel much love from your husband. Maybe you’re alone, feeling unloved.  Maybe today just stinks because you just got divorced and your own mom is hundreds of miles away (ahem;).

Today, choose to remember that your Father loves you. For He so loved you that he sent His only child – a son – to die a brutal death for you (John 3:16).  And he wants nothing more than to join the joy or fill the ache of your Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sisters. I celebrate EACH and every one of you today.

(And to my precious kiddos…I love you!  I am honored to be your Mom!)

mom and owen     mom and han


  1. HEAVENS friend – tears are pouring!!! Beautiful and honest and compassionate this post … Toward us all!! Thank you from deep achy places!

  2. Love this and I love YOU!! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothering ones out there!

  3. Patty Hoesl says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Happy, blessed Mother’s Day to you.

  4. Karen Wilson says:

    Such a beautiful blog. Thank you, Sarah, for your beautiful words. And may you have a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day!!! God bless you!

  5. Sue Adams says:

    Thank you for this. Through the tears I praise God for the woman who adopted me and loved me unconditionally and then am blessed to have adopted a wee one who is now 40 and about to make me a grannie. Life is a cycle and God has a plan for all of us.

    • And I remember your advice to BREATHE often. God does have a plan – greater than mine – even though I can’t always see it. Or simply…I don’t like it;) But, when I read your thankfulness for adoption, I am reminded of his goodness, especially in the bleakness. Love you!


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  2. […] had no plans to write today. Most of what I feel about Mom’s Day is in this post. But, God said…there’s a single mom out there, Sarah. And she needs encouragement. So, to […]

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