When God Says Wait…Then Yes {My Sister is Having a Baby!}

My mom and I take seats beside one another in the hospital waiting room.

My dad is down the hall in ICU. My sister is downstairs having surgery after another miscarriage.

We sit.  We wait. I ride the elevator down and check in with my brother-in-law, Casey.  I ride back up and sit alongside my mom.

There are seasons in life when you can do nothing but look heavenward and ask, Why, Lord?  Why are you taking my dad?  Why did you take another one of my nieces or nephews?  And if you aren’t “doing it,” then why are you allowing it?

That was January 2008.  I still have no answers for the why, but I know the who – Jesus – much better.  I still don’t pretend to know his ways or his whys.

I do know this…

Tomorrow morning, I will take a seat beside my mom in the hospital waiting room once again.  My dad won’t be there, which is bittersweet.  But, this time my sister will not be on the surgical floor: She will be in labor and delivery.

If I am honest, I never thought I’d type those words.

My sister began trying to have a child in 1998.  She’d been married two years and desired nothing more than to be a momma.  She’s also Martha Stewart (minus jail sentences;)

A year later.  No children.

Years pass.  I give birth to a girl and a boy. But none of Dawnna’s pregnancies go past 13 weeks.  It makes no sense.  She uses a calendar, counts days, takes medicine, has procedures, and …nothing except heartache.

In the meantime, she raises my children as her own.  Continues reading about infertility and seeking expert advice.  In some seasons, she gives up. In other seasons, fresh resolve finds her with a new doctor or treatment plan.

All the while, we pray.  She prays. I pray.  Our momma prays.  Churches pray. Friends pray.  We KNOW others are interceding.

She avoids church on Mother’s Day and dreads baby showers. And these barely scratch the surface of the deep heartache each time she loses a child or each time she’s told a procedure isn’t successful.

Then, her high school friend has a sister who works at a doctor near Dawnna’s house {Shew, convoluted!}. This gal, Sarah, does all she can to work Dawnna into the doctor’s schedule, making sure Dawnna has the best care (and discounts for the costly treatment).

Hope rises.

We pray…continually.

It’s 2013. 15 years have passed.  Nothing has worked.  There’s one last round of medicine to take – one more chance to have a child.  Dawnna sits in the doctor’s office, preparing to take the final step – what seems like a final chance to have a child.

While at her doctor’s office to explore this last chance, a high school friend, Billie, notices her, says hello, and  keeps walking but feels God telling her to go back.  To talk to Dawnna.  To tell her that she’s going to have a child.  That she does not need this last round of medicine or this doctor’s help.

She’s going to have a child.

At first, Billie is resistant.  I would have been too.  Who stops and tells an old friend that she feels God is speaking to her heart ….about HER?  That she’s going to have a child when she knows that she’s miscarried over and over.

Yet, on faith, Billie walks out on the limb and finds Dawnna.  She tells her…you’re going to have a child.  Keep praying 1 Samuel.  Don’t go through with this last round of infertility treatment; you don’t need to.  God’s telling my heart you’re going to be a mom.

Dawnna wants to believe, but it’s all a little weird.  She wonders how Billie knows the verse she prays often, but decides to go through with the treatment.

It fails.

Even before this procedure, Casey and Dawnna had decided her body had been through enough.  Enough money had been spent.  Just enough.

So, she sits in the room she’d always thought would be a nursery.  There’s no crib or changing table.  It’s simply a spare room.  And Dawnna prays 1 Samuel aloud…

26 And she said, “Oh, my lord! As you live, my lord, I am the woman who was standing here in your presence, praying to the Lord {years ago}. 27 For this child I prayed,and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him. 28 Therefore I have lent him to the Lord. As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord. 1 Samuel 1: 26-28

quote on wall

These were the same words Hannah had spoken thousands of years before. In verse 10 she had gone to the temple weeping, asking the Lord to open her womb and give her a son, promising she’d give her son back to the Lord.

Yet, Hannah waited.  For years.

Dawnna waited.  For years.

And, finally, Hannah gives birth to a son, Samuel.

And, finally, Dawnna will give birth to a daughter, Chloe.

dawn front

dawn belly

Less than a month after her prayer in the would-be nursery, God answered yes instead of no or wait.  He filled her womb with a child, a girl.

In 1 Samuel 2:18 the Bible says, But Samuel, though he was only a boy, served the LordChapter 2 also says Samuel grew up in God’s presence and grew in favor with the Lord and people.  In Chapter 3, the Bible again says:  Samuel served the Lord.

Samuel served the Lord. 

Tomorrow as I sit beside my mom again in the WAITING room, waiting to meet Chloe, praying for a safe and easy birth for my sister, thanking God for the gift of a child…

I will silently be giving Chloe back to the one who gave her to us.

As you grow, Chloe, I pray we say of you:  But Chloe, though she was only a girl, served the Lord.  She grew up in God’s presence and grew in favor with the Lord and people.  Yes, Chloe served the Lord. 

Because as we each walk on this earth, searching for meaning and purpose.  As we each wait for what will be and let go of what was not.  As we wait upon the Lord to heal or take us home.  As we wait on Him to open our womb or change our hearts.

As we wait.

There is only one thing…one thing that matters in the waiting and in the end.  For Dawnna and Casey.  For Chloe.

They served the Lord.

So as you wait, friend, I pray you love the Lord – and serve Him because you love Him.  Thank Him.  Worship Him.  The answer may be no.  It may be wait.  Or, after 16 years, it may be YES.

And while you wait?  Serve Him.  He loves you more than you can fathom.  He loves you in the no, in the wait, and in the yes.


We can’t wait to meet you, Chloe Grace!

chloe bag

ThanksSarah Gross for loving Dawnna and Casey and doing all you could to help them.

Thanks Billie Harding for taking a step of faith.

Thanks to our mom, Diana,  and our dad, Allen “Pud” Bailey, for loving us unconditionally and raising us “right”:)  We rest in knowing you will meet Chloe someday.

Thanks to each of you who has prayed and prayed.  We are beyond grateful.  Keep praying!


  1. I have goosebumps, and I’m fighting back tears. Soooooooo thrilled for Dawnna and your whole family!! Praying for a beautiful, safe delivery!! xoxoxo

  2. Wow. I’m elated for your sister and your entire family, Sarah. I’ve been an auntie for eight days now and it’s incredible — you’re going to have so much fun! It’s evident that Chloe will be showered with so much love. I’ll definitely be praying for a smooth, safe, and easy delivery.

    It’s so hard to wait. I’m in a similar season right now. I’ve wanted a family of my own since I was young, and right when I was on the cusp of that dream coming true, I ended up divorced. As devastating as it was, it turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise — but here I am at 33, single and wondering when God is going to send my “real” Prince Charming. I know I’m still young, but the clock keeps ticking and it’s hard to push aside the fear and worry. This story brings me so much hope, and I am so grateful that you shared it. No matter what, God is good, all the time.

  3. Sarah, what an amazing testimony to love and faith! So beautifully and lovingly told by you. I will be praying tomorrow for a safe delivery of dear Chloe. You are so right in that sometimes God says no, sometimes we wait and wait, and sometimes he does say yes!! May He continue to bless you and your family! Thank you, God, for Chloe.

  4. Deborah Arthur Perry says:

    Such beauty in Your words!!!…only to compare with beautiful little “Chloe Grace”. May God bless Your family & the life of this special little one!!!!

  5. Kellie Littlefield says:

    I really need a LOVE button for this post. We are thrilled for the entire family and can’t wait for the “she’s here” news!! Praying for Dawnna and Casey through the delivery process and beyond. Love you guys so very much! Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!:)

  6. Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this! There are so many people who will benefit from reading these words. Praying for a perfect delivery tomorrow!

  7. Beautifully written and such encouragement. Thanks for sharing. This has given me hope. I’ve only been trying to conceive for almost 2 years, but the realization that I do not ovulate has taken its toll on me. I’ve been feeling like cutting out the meds and giving it all to God and his timing. Although it’s hard, that’s just what I’m going to do, God knows when my time will be to have my own family, I just have to trust him that his timing is better then my demanding time restraints.

    God bless your family for your little blessing!

  8. Kathy Ridge says:

    Awww I’m so excited for you all. What a wonderful story of God’s redemption. I’ll be praying for a very safe delivery and anxiously awaiting pictures of little Chloe!

  9. Courtney Casto says:

    I do not know you or your sister, but my husband went to high school with Dawnna. He was a little behind her. Anyway, I was moved beyond words by what you wrote and I will be praying for a safe delivery for Dawnna and Chloe. My husband and I, too, suffer with the pain and heartbreak of infertility. Often times I feel as though I’m holding on to my faith by a thread. Thank you for sharing the journey your family has traveled…it gives me hope. My prayers are with you and my heart rejoices for your blessing!

  10. It is done already, as God has said Yes, nothing and nobody can say no. In His time He makes all things beautiful. Praise God for Chloe. God bless you and glorious motherhood.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I love the God we serve. I am so happy for your sister and all of you who have been there with her. May God bless Chloe tremendously! I know the heartache all too well but I also know the victorious side. I was infertile, too. I now have 2 little girls. How awesome is our God! #InfertilityDefeatd

  12. Awesome – May the Lord be praised! I experienced infertility and multiple losses. It is grueling, disheartening, and faith-testing. So is the experience of parenthood! I’m thrilled for her joy and that of your whole family! He is good!

  13. Praise The Lord and remember God is never late he is always on time for the answer to our prayers.

  14. Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing! What an awesome God we serve. I too claimed this scripture for my unborn son 34 years ago and was blessed with Richard Brian Chandler…Casey’s cousin. Tell Casey and Dawnna congratulations on their little angel from God!!!


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