You Have Hope, I Have Hope, They Have Hope {#PrisonerofHope}

Captives, yet not without hope.  Prisoners, but prisoners of hope.

prisonerof hope

I have two amazing friends who co-founded a ministry in Honduras over 10 years ago.  I love listening to each of them recount the moment God called her to begin Mi Esperanza, which is Spanish for My Hope.

I’ve visited this ministry on a few occasions.  I have also spent much time with each of its founders.  Both Lori and Janet have walked with me as I have navigated divorce.  My thankfulness to and for them is unending.

They are the “real deal” – real women who authentically live life following Jesus – admitting mistakes, seeking Him, and loving others well.  They’re helping me to fully understand and embrace that HE is enough.  Resting in Him to work all things together for good – good according to Him and in His time.

The organization God’s created through them educates women in Honduras in three areas:  sewing, cosmetology, and technology.  The success stories are many – women rising out of poverty and providing for their children using skills learned through Mi Esperanza. Some women accepted to and even offered scholarships from universities in Honduras.

It is remarkable.

Lives are changing for these women and their families as they learn skills that create sustainability – forever changing the trajectory of entire families from poverty to hope.

Mi Esperanza is asking each of us to become a prisoner of hope. It comes from Zechariah 9: 12…

Return to your fortress,you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.

Commentary on this verse says:  Sinners are prisoners, but prisoners of hope.  Captives, yet not without hope.

This entire passage is more complicated than this post allows, but it’s speaking of a Messiah who will come humble, riding on a donkey (9:9).  A king who will bring peace on all nations. (9:10).  A God who made a covenant to set the prisoners free (9:11).

And we are all prisoners.

We are prisoners – captive by sin. Captive in this world because of our birthplace or our circumstances.  Because of our choices or the choices of others.  Because of that which we could or could not control.


We are NOT without hope.  Regardless of where we were born or what our hardships may be, He gives hope.  And on the surface that hope looks so different to each of us – to the wealthy women sipping lattes from Starbucks or to the poor women sipping dirty water from the stream.

But, that’s the surface.

At the heart, we are NOT without hope – wealthy or poor – for HE is enough.  He offers hope because He is a God of unfailing love in whom we can place our trust – and hope.  He will anchor us in and through the storms of life.

He holds us. Tight.  Loving and leading as we surrender to Him.

Today, can you help bring HOPE on His behalf? 

Global Giving will match all donations made today at 40%.  So, if you give just $10 to educating women in Honduras, you’re actually giving $14. (That’s help for the math challenged like me;)

From a US mobile phone, you can text GIVE 14549 to 80088 to donate $10. (NOTE: A reply text will ask you to respond “yes” then a follow-up message will confirm that your $10 will be added to your next phone bill.)

Or, you can donate here.

So simple.

So worth it.

Thanks for helping women you may never meet feed their babies, send their children to school, and break the cycle of poverty.


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