A Miracle Meeting {I Mean, It was CRAZY!} {Wow, God!}

Last Thursday speakers, planners, and the worship team gathered to review the day’s messages and agenda for the Women of Purpose conference {I am part of WOP’s Creative Team}.  The gathering served as everyone’s chance to meet, aligning messages and music.

At the meeting, I met one of this year’s speakers for the first time:  Veronica King-Cunningham.  She and I showed up wearing the exact same gold cardigan.  I figured we were soul sisters or something;)

Throughout the evening, we spoke of our team’s travel to Honduras in November. Our team plans a one-day conference in the states for the first Saturday in October while also planning a four-day retreat for English-speaking missionaries living and serving in Honduras.  The retreat, Revive, is the first week in November.

As we talked, Veronica said she’d love to go to Honduras someday.  She continued by sharing a story of a lady with whom she had lost contact. This lady lived and worked in Honduras, and when Veronica’s husband died tragically, this lady had contacted Veronica.  She said, “I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I read your blog.” This lady went on to tell Veronica that her story had inspired a team to build a house in her late husband’s honor.

Veronica was overwhelmed.

A house in Honduras would be built in memory of her husband, Jeremy. The lady hoped to build houses in the future as well, calling the project King’s Quarters – a place to honor two Kings:  Our Savior and Jeremy. Veronica desired to travel to Honduras and see this home – and any future homes – but lost touch with the lady.

Years passed.

We sat in a room Thursday night as Veronica recounted this story, and we were all thinking, “how cool that she’s connected to Honduras!”

And, then, Jen- a member of our creative team – says:  I am the lady.  It was me. 

Huh?  What?  YES…it’s what you’re thinking!

Jen, who used to live and serve in Honduras, had felt God calling her in 2011 to build houses in Jeremy’s honor even though she’d never met him or Veronica.  Her desire was to tell Jeremy’s story, encouraging Honduran men to be the honorable, faithful fathers and husbands that Jeremy had been.

So, in a small room at an agenda meeting for a women’s conference, Jen meets Veronica. Veronica meets Jen.

In person.

The gal who lost her young husband to a heart attack so suddenly meets the missionary who followed her blog and desired to honor her story.

And God’s hand is evident. {I mean, really?  Only God could orchestrate this!}

Veronica asks if Jen will take her to see Jeremy’s house in Honduras, and we ask Veronica if she’d like to go see it in November.  And after talking to her husband (she’s now remarried) and raising over $1,000 for her plane ticket, in about 24 hours, Veronica has joined our Revive team.

She will get to see Jeremy’s house.

And she will get to build another house in his honor on November 5.  Each of us will pound nails and saw boards side-by-side with Veronica as we create a home for a Honduran family and tell Jeremy’s story – His story – encouraging the man of the house to be a loving and faithful dad and husband.

I know.  WOW!

It’s overwhelming to consider our sovereign God who has walked with Jen and Veronica.  Who planted ideas in hearts and connected two women for such a time as this.  Neither considering that one day – years later – they would meet in a room while planning a conference.  And from that meeting, our team would revive King’s Quarters and continue building a legacy of love.

If you’d like to join us in building King’s Quarters on November 5, we’d be honored to have your help.  The house we plan to build costs $1,600.  To donate, visit the Women of Purpose website or comment.


NOTE:  You can read about the day Veronica’s life changed here and her blog about this meeting here.

You can read Jen’s original email to Veronica explaining King’s Quarters here.  It’s dated November 11, 2011:  November 11 – the day we will travel home from Revive. (Yes, I am screaming – can  you BELIEVE THIS?:)


  1. AnnMarie Dixon says:

    Awesome God. Only He could have created a moment like that.

  2. I have goosebumps all over after reading this. God is so amazing!! I will be praying for the conference and the retreat and remembering both with much fondness.

    • Oh, Mary….how we will miss you! I remember my first year at Revive – you were in the cabin right behind mine. I went to look out the window, and you were there with your face pressed against our window! I jumped and we cracked up:) We will SURELY miss your smiling face. Thanks for the prayers…much love to you, Sarah


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