Watching God Work {from Michigan to WV to Honduras} {Amazing}

I am that lady.

And with those words, a widow connected to a missionary who had worked to continue the legacy her late husband.

The widow had never met the missionary – only communicated with her when the missionary sent her an email on the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death, describing a house she planned to build in her husband’s honor to continue his legacy.

This story of Veronica and Jen began in that meeting (you can read about that beginning here).

And it continues today.

I am sitting outside the worship room in Valley of the Angels.  The doors are open – my feet propped on the threshold.  Veronica is at the front, sitting alone, singing…

This is my desire to honor you, Lord with all my heart, I worship you.

She’s in Honduras for the first time with her new husband, Steve – a gentle soul with a quick wit who loves and listens well.  And on Wednesday, Veronica and Steve joined our Women of Purpose team to build a house in honor of her late husband, Jeremy.

And this is a story only God – Creator of the Universe – could have written.

Here’s the short version…

Jeremy died suddenly at the age of 31 from a heart attack.  His widow, Veronica, began blogging to process her grief. Jen, a missionary in Honduras, read her blog upon recommendation from a friend.  God prompted Jen to build houses – in Jeremy’s honor – for men who are committed to raising Godly families.

Men who need a hand up, not a hand out.

Jen called it King’s Quarters – after Jeremy King and our King Jesus.

Three years ago, Jen and a short-term mission team built the first King’s Quarter for Freddy Moncada and his family.  And after connecting with Veronica in person (she and Steve recently moved to West Virginia from Michigan), we invited her to come along with us to Honduras to meet Freddy and see the first house built in Jeremy’s honor.


Freddy with Veronica and Steve

When we arrived, Freddy was delighted to see us and remembered Jen immediately.  He also remembered Jeremy’s story and was anxious to tell us how he had stewarded his gift well by expanding his original house, making a woodworking shop in the home.


Freddy and a man from his church, building cabinets


Veronica and Steve talked with Freddy, and it was so sweet to see him explain to them that he is continuing Jeremy’s legacy.  Freddy has become a successful cabinet and furniture maker, which provides for his family.

Veronica and Steve also came with us to build the second King’s Quarters for Arlin, Kenia, and baby Ismari.


Veronica and Steve digging the post hole for the house


Veronica pounding nails as wall one goes up


The Women of Purpose team building the second King’s Quarters with the help of Mark and Lori Connell

Standing in the finished house, dedicating it to God, explaining we built it to honor Jeremy, commissioning Arlin to love and serve his family well….it’s really impossible to convey.


Dedicating the house to God



Jen explaining Veronica and Jeremy’s story to Arlin, impressing upon him the importance of continuing Jeremy’s legacy of faithfulness to God. A tearful Arlin accepted this mission with excitement, asking us to pray for him – that he would stay close to God and raise his children in a Godly home.



Arlin, Kenia, and Ismari with their new home!


I can’t begin to communicate all the “coincidences” that had to occur in order for Jen to hear of Veronica and Veronica to meet Jen and for Veronica to join us in Honduras.  The in-betweens?   The ways our sovereign God wove and connected these moments – these lives…

Veronica.  Jeremy,  Jen.  Freddy.  Arlin.  Kenia.  Isamari.  Steve.  Our team.

Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Heartbreaking. Hopeful.  Humbling.

Veronica said it best: “One of the coolest moments in life is when you see God putting the puzzle pieces together right before your eyes.”

Jen reading Veronica’s blog.  Veronica speaking at Women of Purpose and mentioning Honduras.  Veronica and Steve joining our team.  Visiting Freddy.  Building a home for Arlin.  All puzzle pieces connected and placed right before our eyes over the past few months.

The pieces made and placed by a God who knew us before we were born.   A creator who knit each of us in our mother’s womb.  The One who goes before us and stands behind.  The God who spoke this world and each of us into being.

He knew.  He planned.  He sees the entire puzzle – even if we can only see one piece.

And I believe He’s smiling as Arlin and Kenia make a home.  As Veronica and Steve build a marriage and a family.  As Jen continues serving the people of Honduras, loving them well.  As the Women of Purpose team comes to Honduras year after year to pour into missionaries.

He smiles and resides at the center of it all.  Thank you, Jesus.

Please continue to pray for our time at Revive – and for Veronica.  She will be here, loving and serving missionaries this Sunday, which is also the four-year anniversary of Jeremy’s death.

Another piece of the puzzle.


  1. I have the pleasure to attend church with Vee & her family and we are in a small group together- she is one of the most amazing women I know! God’s light is very apparent through her. I pray for all of you being servants in Honduras , love & prayers-dana

  2. Love this so much. And love you, Jen, and Veronica. And Revive and Honduras. xoxoxo

  3. Wanda Agosto says:

    I am honored to be just one of the 120 missionaries that was super blessed this weekend to see this puzzle come together. God is aweeeesome! 🙂

  4. Mary Lynn Fager says:

    Thank you so much for this weekend. As I return back to my home in Honduras, the puzzle pieces continue to meld themselves together in beautiful ways and I can’t help but think it had something to do with the opportunities provided to me at Revive. Praise God!

    • So glad you were “revived” this weekend, Mary Lynn! It was great to meet you – many prayers coming your way! Sarah


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