2014 Was…Just ALOT {A Poem Too!}

I tried to write a 2014 reflection using prompts from The Art of Simple Life, and I could barely remember the year, especially details.

2014 just passed. Quickly.

The highlights? Owen is in middle school.  Hannah in high school.  Both in NEW schools.  We moved into a much smaller home (unexpected blessing!).  I got a new job.  Our family experienced divorce.  We lost our church family.  My niece, Chloe, was born (after 15 years of trying).

It was just A LOT for a year.

So, in the midst of these “big” events, I can’t remember the smaller things.  The important things that comprised the fabric of our days.  I mostly went through the motions.

And that makes me sad.  I want to remember the days and hours, not just the events that pummel – or create smiles.  And it’s my 40th year of life – yep, I’ll be 40 in December 2015.

This year needs to be different.  It just does.

I began praying on December 1 for how God can make that happen – because he knows I can’t.

On December 6, I began “hand’ journaling again.  I have typed my journal for quite a few years.  But, this year, I got a cute journal and began writing by hand again. I love it.

And for Christmas, I gave my kiddos two gifts:  a scavenger hunt that lead to a poem and a gift, describing how this year will shift.  And a gratitude journal with a note.

Han and owen with gifts

Friends, as we close 2014 and look forward to a new year, I hope you’ll join me in praying for more moments and less monumental (events).  For lazy days reading and for deep discussions with your children.  For time spent serving and loving others.  For mornings (or evenings) with your Creator.  For quiet.  For being.

For simply being.

{Here’s the poem I wrote my kiddos.  It was found at the end of their scavenger hunt along with a travel journal/smashbook and a book called 1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die.}

travel poem

Han and O reading poem2014 – The Year of Adventure


Christmas gifts piled high under the tree,

Owen peering under, bent on his knee.


Hannah shaking boxes, inspecting ribbons and bows

Mom shaking her head…let’s see how this goes!


Gift after gift they unwrap with a smile,

Feeling as if mom went the extra mile.


Hours of shopping stacked up on the floor,

Boxes and paper and gifts galore.


Lots of stuff to wear and explore

While we all wonder…shouldn’t Christmas mean more?


More than games and books and shirts and shoes,

More than a long list of family to-dos.


When we look back to this day in December,

What will make it special?  What will we remember?


Our Advent time leading to this day? For sure!

Our reading and questions and Jesus so pure.


Our Jesse tree.  Our stockings.  The twinkling light.

We do not doubt, our season has been bright!


But what about the rest of the days in the year?

How do we keep this spirit and hold ALL days dear?


Perhaps we say no to more and more stuff?

Realizing it passes like the air – in a puff!


Maybe this year is about so much more

Than what we collect – what comes through our door.


What do you say to more adventure? More travel – a trip!

Doesn’t this idea make you want to jump and skip?


The years are passing, your mom is getting older

I don’t want to miss the moments -let’s be bolder!


Who needs to collect and hoard so much fluff?  

Let’s make memories instead of collecting more stuff.


Let’s travel and experience this world God made.

Let’s explore new places and sip lemonade:)


This year could be fun – want to give it a try?  

Just open this gift and you’ll find out why.


I hope this idea puts a smile on your face…

Flip through the pages and locate a place.


We will travel and memory make as oft as we can;

I can’t hardly wait to begin making a plan.


We will venture through city and country and town

What a joy it will be to explore all around.


Laughing and loving and making the most of our lives

As we go across country on many long drives.


Sure, this past year was an unplanned detour;

But, we only live once, that much is for sure!


So, let’s go! Let’s have fun and make memories so grand

While always remembering for what we stand.


Kindness and thankfulness and our Father above

The Giver of everything, especially our love.


I love you both with all of my heart!

I can’t wait for this brand new year to start.


As we laugh and love and make memories together

What else on this earth could possibly be better?


Merry Memory Making!

Love Always, Mom


  1. Love this. Love you. See you in Cambodia! 😉

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