Oh, the One Word for 2015 {What a Process}

The One Word.

I’m guessing you’ve seen something on Facebook or Instagram about choosing one word for the year instead of making a laundry list of resolutions that you (probably) won’t keep.

I love this idea because I am a resolution maker and breaker –planning big and failing quickly.  But, this year?  No energy for all that.  I need to lose weight.  I need to keep better track of my nickels and dimes.  I need to declutter (physically and emotionally).

Sound familiar?  Me and most of country have similar thoughts about 2015.

I believe in goals. I believe in writing down intentions.  For sure.  But, making new rules and resolutions feels like pressure.  And while I often do well under pressure, I cave under pressure when it has to do with self – ugh.

So.  The One Word – great solution.  I’ve chosen one in the past.  Hope 2013 and Abide 2014.  Easy peasy – choose a word.


ME choosing a word seemed a bit pointless.  I really wanted God to choose it.  It’s my 40th year of life; I do NOT want to find myself on January 1, 2016, 40 years old, and making the same old “resolutions” again.  And, OBVIOUSLY, I am powerless to break any of these cycles left to my own devices – as my life and weight reflect.

Me choosing?  Not so successful. So…

In November I began begging God…help me find my one word.  This year starts a brand new life in so many ways.  The first year I am single.  New home, new job.  About to turn 4-0 for heaven’s sake!

I made a list of words.  I answered all the “reflective” questions on various blogs.  I sat in on an awesome Fuze call with The Storytellers …”Finding Your One Word.”  I answered all the call’s prompts.  I made lists in my notes app on my phone.  I took pics of signs and verses and plaques…could my one word be on one of these?  I processed with my friend, Krysten, who said – maybe you don’t have to pick a DANG one word if you don’t want to {LOVE her}. Amen!

I ran words past my best friend.  I think she’s probably tired of hearing all my one word blah, blah, blah, but we processed through quite a few words.

January 1 came and went.  I love lots of words…brave, thrive, release, simple, quiet, shine, be, rooted, dwell, breathe, fearless, alive, renew…

Aren’t these GOOD?

I want to be brave and thrive.  I have so much to release – trust me on THAT.  I want to BE this year – a simple, quiet, rooted in Him life.  I often just need to stop and breathe…seemed like a great word for my year.  I have lots of fears that hold me back and keep me fat, so “fearless” seemed perfect – maybe.  I want to renew and shine and dwell.  Really, I do.

See?  This is WHY I don’t make resolutions!  (Or, fail at the ones I make.) I do not know how to stop – and breathe and dwell and rest and simplify.  I love a good plan!  I love creating a concept or a program or a….well, plan.


I read this in a note from She Reads Truth and it resonated:  This year, instead of resolving to finally get it right, let’s resolve to walk with Him as He makes it right.  Instead of determining to get better, let’s determine to get closer to Him through His Word.  Instead of making a list of all that we will do on our own, let’s notice all that He is already doing and let’s JOIN Him in that. 

So freeing.

I heard this from Ann Voskamp and it resonated:  I can’t meet the needs of other people unless I release my grasp on the things I think I need.

So true.

I researched each “potential” word in Scripture – just to be sure nothing in His Word resonated deeply – it didn’t.

I said to God – about 100 times:  I just want this year – this new time in life  – to be DIFFERENT.  Please?  Then, I dared to ask…don’t you want this to be different too, God?  You want me to steward my health and money and time better, right?  Those things are Biblical, right?

And…nothing.  No feeling of YES!  Or THIS IS IT!

Sighed.  Kept praying.

Every day of January, the word wasn’t far from my thoughts.  I got emails from my Women of Purpose sisters sharing their words and why they chose them.  I love what God is doing in their hearts.  Courage, revelation, be…so good!

My daughter, Hannah, chose peace as her word and her reasoning is beautiful.

I read blog after blog proclaiming one words.  Still nothing.  I didn’t feel moved in the least toward ONE word.

Then, while reading Common Prayer

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you: wherever He may send you; may he guide you through the wilderness: protect you through the storm; may he bring you home rejoicing: at the wonders he has shown you; may be bring you home rejoicing: once again into our door.

I’ve read this on other days without much thought.  But this day, I write in the margin:  Show me wonder today, Lord. 

I close the book and turn toward the sink…and a song I love and have heard many times comes to mind…May we never lose our wonder.


May we never lose our wonder
May we never lose our wonder
Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of our King

Fill us with wonder
May we never lose our wonder
May we never lose our wonder
Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of our King


Cause you are beautiful in all your ways
King of Kings
You are beautiful in all your ways
Cause you are beautiful in all your ways
Just close your eyes
Just close your eyes, you’ll see him
You are beautiful in all your ways
Open the eyes of our heart to see you God

May we never lose our wonder
May we never lose our wonder
Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of our King

Cause you are beautiful in all your ways
Oh you are, yes you are
You are beautiful in all your ways
We give our lives to sing
Cause you are beautiful in all your ways
You fascinate me
You fascinate us
You fascinate us, with you are
You fascinate us
You fascinate us with your love
You are beautiful
You are glorious
You are beautiful
Yes you are
You are beautiful
You are glorious
You are beautiful

You are beautiful in all your ways
May we never lose our wonder  (lyrics from Bethel Music)

And as crazy as it sounds, I know.  That’s my WORD!


wonder with wood


Wait, what? Wonder?

That is not on any of my lists. What does that even mean or look like?

And I almost feel God chuckling…truly.  I know what He’s saying…Sarah, you didn’t choose this word – I did.  You asked me to choose, and I answered.

My response?  So, what do I do now? 

Recognize wonder today. 

So….that’s it?  I mean, you don’t need me to…ya know… make a “wonder” plan? Or, read a book on wonder? 

You’ve lost your wonder, Sarah.  Life has taken “wide eyed and mystified.”  You’ve forgotten childlike faith, staring at the beauty of your King.  I used to facinate you.  Return to that. 

I know it’s true.  Sadly.

And in the next few hours?  He kept confirms my word over and over…

The wonder of a little boy sleeping in my bed after he got up early to talk about the day with me.

The wonder of a verse on Instagram just a few moments later:  Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead. 1 Peter 1:6

wonder necklace


The wonder of snowflakes flying outside my window –each so different and unique.

And if you’re smiling and saying…how wonder-ful!  I was too!  In fact, I had a few thankful tears falling.  And then…

I read this: bitterness, anger, and resentment have no place in a heart as beautiful as yours.  Lysa Terkeurst

lysa quote


And I know immediately, deeply, surely…bits and pieces of these things are still in there.  In my heart.  And wonder can and will bid them farewell.

Who can dwell in bitterness – who can resent another – who can be angry – while looking for wonder?  While living in wonder, waking up each morning looking for the day’s wonder?  While learning from, serving, and walking alongside a King who is glorious, beautiful, and fascinating?

I hope none of us.

Wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child, staring at the beauty of our King.  May we never lose our wonder.  (And if you have, friend, know he can restore every, single drop of it.)

What’s your one word for 2015?  I’d love for you to share in the comments. Yay for 2015!

I’d also LOVE to hear where you’ve seen wonder today:)



  1. This was lovely. A couple of years ago, mine was “thrive.” Then “wellness.” I struggled to pick one for this year and talked through several on a drive back from the holidays. I chose “awesomer.” I know, not an actual word. The hope is that when I am living life, interacting with people, making choices, deciding activities/food/etc, I will think about whether it will make me/my life more or less awesome. I often chose based on others and feeling guilty and just well, not awesome. So, this is the year for awesomer!

  2. Perfect. Just utterly perfect. I knew He’d lead you to it and just the right time. I love you, friend! Wonder away!!

  3. Nancy Haught says:

    I too have been pondering my “word” for this year. As I sat and listened for God to guide me into recognizing my word, I heard “Be an encourager.” So my word for 2015 is encourager. With God’s help and guidance, I will be an encourager to those who He puts in my path. I pray for an open mind so that God can use me as He wishes, when He decides, and to whom He chooses. I am officially an Encourager!

  4. Sherri Bean says:

    I have been having so much war within myself. You know look in the mirror, see a person buy truly unsure who she is….. You look into her face and see sadness, stress lines, bewilderment….. You say Why Lord why???????????? What, When, Where & Why did her Happiness seem to float away?………………………… Then I came across this posting and it showed me something…………I am not alone in the world of loneliness, I am one of many…. But as I draw closer to God and have him near me each and every day, I can look at what is around me in awesome wonder. I am so blessed……So very blessed.


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