“Fading Quickly” {How Sharing Our Stories Changes Us All}

“Fading quickly.”

from Kara's blog:  Mundane Faithfulness

from Kara’s blog: Mundane Faithfulness

The words of Kara Tippetts, the writer of Mundane Faithfulness, a blog I’ve been following for a few months.  After years of battling cancer, hospice has arrived and Kara is in her last days of life.

I won’t lie…each day I hold my breath as I check her blog or status update.  I know it’s coming.  I know one day she won’t be writing anymore.  I don’t know her, but I have cried many tears alongside her and her friends.

She reminds me of why I blog.  Why we share our stories.  Why some of us feel this urgency to share how God is at work in the not-so-good moments and the beautiful ones.  Why?  Because when we see Him at work in the lives of others – especially in the midst of suffering – our faith grows – our love for Him strengthens.

The last few days I’ve been preparing to teach at a retreat this Saturday, and I’ve prepared a few messages, gathered a few Scriptures, and written page after page wrestling with the topic I’ve been given.  And today, with the words “fading quickly,” I knew…

I am trying to dress up a message that is quite simple.  I am trying to sound a little smarter than I am, use a little more Scripture than I need to, quote more resources than anyone cares about.  I always fight my pride when writing and speaking as I know lots of fancy words ( I am an English teacher; it’s our thing.)  And I know how to compose a five-point message. Use the fancy words and format and references?  No, Sarah.  The  message doesn’t need extra adornments. It’s most beautiful when simply stated…

Enjoy the moment.

When I read this on Kara’s status…saw her tired eyes and her smiling lips…I was reminded where that itch – that longing – deep inside my heart comes from.  It’s an urgency I feel every single day planted by my heavenly Father.  An urgency that time is slipping away.  My kids are growing.  My life (based on expectancy) is half over – or could be almost over – I have no idea.  I can’t wait until tomorrow or next week or when I am all “fixed up” to love others and serve Him well.

Today is the day.

Now is the time.

And while that may be a trite statement that you’ve heard 100 times, I mean it from a deep, deep place.  That we can’t keep waiting to answer His call.  We can’t keep waiting to talk to our kids or spend time with our loved ones.  We can’t keep waiting to fix the broken relationship or pray the prayers.

Our days are numbered.  Time is passing.

Others need to know He loves them completely and unconditionally.  So many who are lonely  need a friend.  Women need a place to feel accepted – a place where we can say anything or be anyone and still be loved.   A place to process and feel loved.

These words do not express the fervor of my heart in the least.  There’s an unrest within my soul (literally) screaming – stop waiting – do something!

And that something does not have to be well-planned and momentous to the world.  It just might be momentous to one – encouragement to your child or the cashier.  A quick smile or a simple hug .

I know you know this, but today, as I read “fading quickly,” I was jarred.  We are ALL fading – some quickly, some slowly. None of us knows what tomorrow holds.  So when you dwell on the petty or worry about that which is irrelevant to the kingdom – what you eat or what you will wear – when you look upon another image bearer of Christ with contempt or judgment.  When you exclude some or place  yourself higher….

I ask us all to remember…


Is that – is this – how you want to spend your fading days?  Complaining? Worrying? Honking?

Eye rolling?  Competing?  Envious?  Arguing?  Wondering?  One-upping? Working?

Playing it safe?  Making excuses?  Wasting time?  Scrolling Facebook?

(Talking to self here, too.)

I don’t know what the small (or large) changes will look like for you or me.  But Kara’s story serves as my reminder that this life is indeed fleeting, and I do not want to miss one moment.

Kara, her husband, and her children…we are all better because you shared your journey of suffering with honesty and grace.  You have forever changed so many of us.  Thank you.  And, we pray.


  1. Love you Sarah.

  2. I read her blog, too – So much wisdom, insight, bare truth shared there. It’s amazing what rises as important in such circumstances. I wonder if it takes that kind of experience to get to the core? I know in my own life, when all the fluff is stripped away, that is when my true heart, passions, faith rise.

    It sounds like you’re getting a chance to do some good heart-work. I hope your sharing this weekend goes well!

  3. Aww Sarah I follow you because you teach me so much about God and His care over us. I too am following Kara and believe she is having a huge impact on this world for His Kingdom! Bless you as you pursue your journey with God and please don’t stop sharing..


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