What’s Your Purpose? {The Fire to Follow}

What’s my purpose? 

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Our reason is our Savior. Our purpose on this earth is to make Him known to all people, giving all glory to Him.

So the question becomes…if my ONLY reason for being here – for living on this earth – is to make Him known and glorify Him, how does God want me to do that? What’s His call for me?  Based on my relationship with Him, my prayers, my gifts, His word, and Godly counsel, how can my life loudly proclaim He is Lord?

Because this life with Jesus is a daily (sometimes minute-ly) life.  And our lives can be and often are consumed by families, jobs, housework, cooking, cleaning, friends, church activities, and more.  And in the midst of those tasks and those commitments, how does one continually loudly proclaim Jesus as Savior? How does one glorify Him during the morning rush, the afternoon lulls, and the evening demands?

How does He stay and front and center?  How do we keep seeing the wonder?  How do we savor moments and note the joy?

It’s hard.

And many of us are feeling a call away from the busy.  A call to the quiet.  A need for time to sit and be still.  And while we steal away those moments often, there’s a feeling deep inside that the glorifying of God in the daily – the honoring Him while doing my job at school or the hospital – the listing of thankfulness while switching the laundry – the fixing of dinner with a smile…

It’s not enough.

Not that God has a score card, and he’s waiting for you to measure up. We know that’s not true.  Not that our salvation depends on these works.  You’re not “less than” if you’re not volunteering in multiple ministries and taking five mission trips each summer.

But, do you feel that? That itching deep down? That longing? That thing inside saying…there’s more, Sarah (you name here).  There’s more than getting up, cooking breakfast, curling your hair, applying makeup, and choosing an outfit.  More than scurrying out the door and weaving through traffic to make the 7:45 bell. More than your morning quiet time, Bible study, and journaling – more than teaching.  More than running your kiddos to dance and baseball. More than longing for the Friday bell signaling the weekend.  More than stolen moments with each kiddo and friends.

Just something.

And when  you feel that tug, you go to work.  You read a new book, volunteer in a new ministry, take a gifts test, ask your friend…

How do you see me?  What are my gifts?  How do you think God could use me?  What ministry do you see me involved with?  I know my purpose is to make Him famous and glorify him, to love Him and to love others. But, that’s so GENERAL – what does that look like in MY life?

I’ve been in and out of this season.  I’ve gone from church executive board member to no church at all – all the while still loving Jesus with all my heart.  I’ve been the matriarch of a picture perfect family.  The wife of a handsome husband.  The popular school teacher and church volunteer extraordinaire.  I’ve been the best friend, Bible study leader, mission trip taker, Emmaus table leader, conference attender, blog writer, and small group participant.

Over and over.  I have been these things.  Done these things.  All GOOD things.  Looking on at my life, many have seen Jesus.  And for that I am humbled and grateful.  That the King of Kings took my broken mess and shown his glory. It’s humbling in ways I can never articulate.  Even when  my motives were wrong and I couldn’t see His hand. Even when my heart and home were breaking and I found it necessary to keep smiling and leading, He was working.


The itch.  The longing.

There’s more than THIS.  I know he wants more for me – not in a “live your best life” kind of way, but in a freedom kind of way.

Then, what? I’ve tried to for 39 years to salve the itch – to fill the longing.  And I’ve enlisted His help, praying and asking and seeking. Following.

But still.

So, I ask Him.  A motive free, at the end of myself and my gifts ask:  Lord, what now?

I don’t surrender control very easily.  Yes, I know He’s actually in control anyway.  I know he wins in the end.  Yes, I am very well versed on all of that, but when the rubber meets the road, giving my will to His is scary as I sense that what he has for me will be hard.  Outside of my comfort zone.  New.  With lots of sacrifice.

And, no, I am not expecting a “move to Africa” call or a “start that teen girls Bible study” call. I am expecting based on what I read in His Word …a call to follow Him.

While I’ve followed him since July 11, 1989, I know this is different following. This is more.  This is much more an inward following (that I suspect will manifest itself as an outward following someday.)  This is a surrender of epic proportions (well, epic to this control freak;)

This is deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me – every, single day.



That itch?  That longing?  It can only be filled with Him – but you knew that, right?  Heard that before, huh?

I thought so too. Until my heart – with right motive and much love – ask Him earnestly…what do you require of me, Lord?  What is the THING I need to DO to fill this itch, this longing? Lose weight?  Less stuff?  More church?  Summer in Honduras? Expand the blog? Start the ministry?  WHAT???

And I hear…deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.  That’s it.

I am a do-er so these types of things frustrate the fire out of me – but I know….I have to surrender. And follow.

What does that look like?  How does one surrender?  How does one follow?  All good questions. Ones I have asked and will continue to ask, but for now, I found my start in two places.  A Lent devotional called Follow and a book called I Want God.

More on the following and wanting to come…


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