Hannah is 15!

I am sitting on the couch and catch sight of a picture on the side table.  It’s of my kiddos, Hannah and Owen.  And suddenly I just keep thinking…15, 15…Hannah is 15.

I remember her first birthday so clearly.  After our guests left, I was on my back in our living room floor, and Hannah was leaning over cupping my face with her hands saying ma, ma, ma, ma.  We played in the floor with new toys until she drifted off to sleep on lap.

It was such a good day.

I had no idea on that day what life would look like for her – for me – 14 years later.  And while in many ways it is not the story I would have written for her, it is the story God is writing.  And we are thankful.


My little one  has become a beautifully poised young lady who is kind and loving.  She searches for Jesus in ways I never have – always wondering, always questioning, always seeking.  She wants to understand and help others as they question and seek.

Our theological conversations are frequent, and her faith strong, having already weathered church hurt and divorce in her young life.  She knows what it is like to lose, to not have what others have, to sacrifice for your family, and to step up and help even when tired – or even when life seems unfair.

She also knows the joys of being loved, accepted, and provided for.

She lives in a first-world tension that both amazes and teaches me.  She’s always weighing “do I need this? with “could this money be spent on someone who has less?”

Her 15th birthday consisted of a nice lunch after church with some friends who have loved us well, and a family celebration with cake and pizza in the afternoon.  Nothing too extravagant…just like Hannah.

I’ve written about Hannah every March 22 for a few years, but I will never run out of things to say as I watch her grow.  I can see God molding and making her into His servant, one who hungers and thirsts for Him – for understanding  – while learning to extend grace to others.

I am thankful for who she is, for the ways in which she fits in – or doesn’t – for the ways in which she chooses individuality.

Lord, thank you for the gift of Hannah – for the ways we’ve laughed, learned, and loved in even the most difficult days.  May she keep her eyes on You.  May she keep asking the hard questions and pondering the difficult answers.  May we never stop discussing and exploring the hard truths in your Word, and may she always remember that her purpose on this earth is to bring glory to you.  May any trial or joy she faces pull her closer to You.  Thank you, Her Momma 

PS…yes, she’s studying for the learner’s permit…to be continued;)


  1. Drema Ward says:

    Hannah is much like you and your family, Your mom and dad did things for me and Michael many years ago when I was going thru the rough waters. Your family is my family and I love all of you so very much. Hannah will is and will always be a beautiful, loving and a blessing to all she meets.

    • I always how my mom and dad quietly served to so many…offering all they had – a bed, a little money, food, a ride, a roof – whatever:) My mom often asks me why I go to Honduras; she looks at me like “where did you come from?” And, I look at her and know – I am JUST like you, Momma:) My big heart came from watching you and dad give and give to so many. I pray I am passing that on to Hannah. Thanks the sweet reminder, Drema. We love you!

  2. Just so beautiful. She has her momma’s heart and you’ve raised her well. I remember your post when you took her on her first missions trip and how anxious you were about her being so young and was it a wise decision. I think you know the answer now for sure. God has Great plans for that girl. It will be exciting to watch where He takes her. Happy Birthday, Hannah!


    • Kathy, I DO KNOW for sure…thanks for reminding me of that;) I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her…I love being her mom!


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