Hannah Goes to Honduras

In 2013 Hannah went to Honduras for the first time.  She’d taught herself to crochet via YouTube, and she had made hats for Honduran children going through chemo.  On that trip she also taught a group of young moms how to crochet, so they could make items to sell and support their children.  Since then, those moms have expanded their skills and sales, and Hannah’s heart for Honduras and her people has grown.  Each time I plan a trip or board a plane, she says, “I want to go, Mom.”

han w stack of hats

han and girl w her hat on

And I say…”Why, Hannah?”

And she says, “To teach more girls to crochet so they can escape poverty by selling what they make.  To give people hope.  To love on people.  To build houses.  To give little girls the dresses we’ve sewn.”

As I talk with Hannah about her decision to take a mission trip (not just go along with her mom), I am struck by how deeply she feels.  How much she wants to go into the all the world and share Jesus in the ways he’s gifted her to share.  How sure she is that God is calling her to love and serve others.  How much she realizes her own life is a gift as she has been given much.

“I taught some girls to crochet two years ago.  I just taught them the basics, which was only enough to make a hat and a washcloth.  In the two years since, they have made hats for their children, purses to sell, and more.  They’ve helped to sustain themselves as well as their children with the things they’ve crocheted.  They even sent me a purse they made. I’m very proud of them, and I hope to teach more girls and women to crochet.”

han w Janets girls


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Hannah hopes to travel with a team (and me) to Yamaranguila, Honduras this summer and teach mothers in a rural area, who have come to the hospital early in anticipation of their babies’ arrivals, how to crochet.  She will also be part of other team activities, including the distribution of dresses that Hannah has been sewing with a group of ladies at City Souls Ministries.


Hannah needs to raise about $2000 for her trip, which will include airfare, lodging, supplies (yarn, etc), food, etc.  Any amount – small or large – will help.

If you’d be willing to contribute, you can find Hannah’s Go Fund Me page here:  http://www.gofundme.com/hannahinhonduras

I can promise you that she will steward each penny well.

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