Dreams Do Come True {To My Little Self}

I remember parts of my childhood vividly.  The creek.  Our trailer.  My room. My white desk.  Family dinners.  My Barbies. Grandpa’s barn.  Camping. My new pink carpet.  Bo and Luke on my closet door. Getting a hardback copy of Little Women. Going to the Union Mission to get books.

And best of all…

My imaginary world.

I played with Barbies, but only because I wanted them to dialogue.  I’d create “scenes” with them and write them down – just in case As the World Turns or The Young and the Restless ever needed a new writer.

I played in the creeks behind and beside my house.  Small ditches became canyons.  The occasional crawdad  – a great and mighty lobster. The patch of woods across the creek  – Robin Hood’s domain.  The tunnel under the road – a cave holding dragons or hieroglyphic writings.  My bedroom – a school house.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t create story or record my life with pen and paper.  It was and is deep within me; this need to write and create…


When God knit me in my mom’s womb, He knit a storyteller.  A dreamer.  One who would love her home, but want to fly.

And I keep thinking of that little girl. Sitting at her white desk in her room in Poca, West Virginia, in Bishop’s Trailer Park. Penning story after story in little journals and on notebook paper. Dreaming that one day she’d see the world.  One day she’d write stories and tell of her adventures. One day she’d speak for those who had no voice.

Tonight that little girl is almost 40 and is sitting in a hotel room in Concord, North Carolina.  The desk isn’t white.  The journals and stories long forgotten and trashed.  The hotel different from the trailer.

But, the dream?

It’s still in her heart. She’s still a storyteller.

And this weekend a piece of her dream – my dream – is coming true.

dreams come true

A friend gifted me with a trip to Proverbs 31’s She Speaks conference for writers and speakers.  And here I am.

{Deep breath.}

I’ll meet with two publishers this weekend – one from Bethany House and another from Harper Collins (y’all can pray about that if you’re willing).  I’ll sit and learn from some of the best storytellers. Women who not only tell stories well, but also love Jesus big.

she speaks poster

And I may never be published.  I may never tell the stories created for my Barbies.  I may never tell my own stories.


I will have tried. I will have answered His call and stepped forward.  I will have done all I could to carry out the dreams of the little storyteller sitting at her white desk.

I know I am making her proud.

So, fellow dreamers…parents of dreamers… Keep dreaming! Let them dream!

Dreams do come true. Maybe not exactly as we think, but exactly as they should.

And this girl is beyond thankful for a Savior who NEVER gave up on her. Oh, He should have.  So. Many. Times.  But, He didn’t. He kept the seeds He planted alive.  And He’s redeeming a life that has been hard, especially over the past eight years.

And He will do that for you.  Keep dreaming. Stay faithful.  He loves you – I promise.

This verse in the hall at the conference sums up my heart:  Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead. 1 Peter 1:6


So thankful.


  1. Wow I’m so excited for you and for this adventure with Proverbs 31! I’ll be praying for your weekend and God to unveil His plan’s for your life this side of heaven. In my eyes you are already a Proverbs 31 gal! Have fun and keep on dreaming!

  2. Lord, hear our prayer….

  3. Greg Ferrell says:

    Sarah, may not remember me but I’m Greg. My grandparents owned the trailer park you speak of. I loved Pud and Diane and also remember you playing in the places you speak of here. I married my high scholl sweetheart and we have also lived a dream come true. Tammy Davis Ferrell and I wish you the very best and may God continue to lead you to love him and pursue your dreams.

    • I do remember you, Greg! Thanks so much for commenting…I am reminded how many people love my momma and loved my daddy. So glad to hear you’re doing well and live is good…many blessings:)

  4. Joanna Teigen says:

    I just love all that, there. So glad to have met you (too briefly!) at the conference. Blessings on you as you keep dreaming and doing.

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