Contents of a Backpack {Hannah in Honduras}

My Hannah is at the end of the hall getting a pedicure and manicure.  It’s pampering – but it’s really practice for a gal learning in Mi Esperanza’s Beauty School. There’s a bilingual gal named Marcela, and they’re chatting as if they’ve known each other for years.  Hannah’s smile is big, and I know she’s found her happy place.

Han and Marcella

In her rush, she’s left her backpack on the seat along with a half-crocheted baby hat – and some fudge round cookies.

I begin gathering her stuff to make room for others.  I glance down in her backpack, and I have a moment…

This is the girl – the woman – she’s becoming.

backback contents

A small, hot pink Bible (I look later – it’s bookmarked to Proverbs).

I Am Malala, a book she’s already read, so I wonder if she’s reading it again.

Magnetic, a book I purchased for her last weekend at She Speaks.  She told me last night as she read – this book is so good.

A Mi Esperanza passport holder along with the boarding passes from yesterday’s flight to Honduras.

Knowing what’s in her heart isn’t difficult to discern.  It’s what’s in her backpack.

God’s word; stories of social justice; an ethically-made passport cover created by women rising out of poverty in Honduras; a book about “becoming the girl God wants”; yarn and hooks to crochet hats for babies.

I look on as she makes a friend; I love watching as they share about their lives.  She loves dancing as Hannah does.  Two girls from two different worlds – literally and figuratively – who have found common ground…just being teen girls.

group convo

This reminds me we are so much more alike than we are different.  I don’t know why I forget that.  Why we forget that.

So this week I am praying and watching…and learning from my Hannah.

Lesson One:  The language of love needs no translation.  Listen to others’ hearts.



  1. Beautiful, friend! You’re raising a fine young lady in the Lord. Praying for a fabulous week for you all!

  2. What a sweet post!

    • Thanks, Yvonne:) I am trying to be intentional about noticing and being…I think God gifted me with this look into Hannah’s backpack to remind me how important the moments are.

  3. Wow you soul must feel really full and spilling over- “She Speaks” last week and Honduras this week. What an awesome legacy you are creating for your children. I remember your post when she went on her first trip with you! Blessings on your time there and on new friendships for you and your daughter!

    • It is, Kathy! Shew…She Speaks was simply remarkable. I thought I went to improve my writing and network, but I actually went to meet Jesus:) Thanks for your support…means the world to me.

  4. Marla Taviano says:

    Love you two so much. (and Owen-boy too!)

  5. Sue Adams says:

    Your daughter reflects the woman you are. Such a strong role model.

    • Thanks, Sue…I fail often, but I am always honest with Hannah. I am not interested in behavior modification – a kid who looks good and behaves well, but does not have the heart to match. I love that her real “beauty” lies in who she is deep within…a transformed heart! I appreciate all of your support.

  6. Sue Kuhn says:

    The contents of her backpack show her heart and also her upbringing. She has been taught to put God first and others before herself. God bless you both as you Shine for Jesus!

    • Thanks for the many blessings, Sue. YOU are an excellent example to me and Hannah – and to so many more!

  7. Yeah! I am so glad Hannah likes Magnetic!

    • Thanks, Lynn. It’s so different reading it while in Honduras…the third world country lens just further confirms who she knows God made her to be. Thanks for following God’s call and writing such a wonderful book!


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