Sorry, Not Sorry {Day 1 of 31}

In May I wrote about a defining moment in my post-marriage, single-mom, almost-40 life:  I stopped apologizing for myself.  

Friends would say…Sarah, why are you always apologizing?  I had no answer. No clue.  And then I asked, Jesus:  Why do I always say ‘sorry’ about EVERYTHING?

Sorry I can’t help.

Sorry my house is messy.

Sorry I can’t be there at that time.

Sorry I don’t feel well.

Sorry I didn’t get to the store.

Sorry I exist.  (Or, at least, that’s what it sounded like.)

I’d preface most conversations with an apology.  I’d ALWAYS apologize to my kids for all the major life changes.  And, yes, some of the apologies were /are necessary.  But, I am not talking about the “owning my junk” legitimate apologies.  I am talking about the self-deprecating, feeling bad for nothing apologies.

Suddenly, I realized: If I keep apologizing for the what has been, I may never know what will be.  I can’t live a new, whole hearted (thanks, Brene Brown) life if I am allowing the past to linger in my present.

After that moment, I began to work through my penchant for the apology with Jesus, and over the next 31 days, I’ll share what He is teaching me.

31 Days to

{OK, let’s be honest…I’ve joined this challenge four times and only made it the whole 31 days ONCE!  But, trusting Jesus for words, perseverance, and time.  Also, welcoming grace;).}

My posts will come in groups of three: a reason I found myself apologizing, a “help” God provided through His word, and a prayer. {First up: Garden Greed (yep, this is rooted in Eden), Give up the Guilt, and prayer.}

After ten groups, it’ll be November!

I pray this series speaks to your heart in some way.  And I hope you’ll walk alongside me and discover that you’re not sorry for who your Creator made you to be.

Sorry, Not Sorry,


  1. Marla Taviano says:

    Super excited for this, friend!!! Love you!!

    • Thanks for always cheerleading, friend. I think I need to buy some pom poms and bring them to Cambodia;) LOVE YOU!

  2. Ahhh I definitely go through spells of doing that too!!! I will be following your series. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks! I still catch myself doing it – sadly. But, I like how you put it “through spells” – me too!

  3. I look forward to following this series – whether its 31 posts or 13.

    • Thanks, Brooke…and it may be 13, 31, 6 – who knows. But, thankful you’ll walk along with for whatever! 🙂

  4. No coincidence I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking through ALL of the buttons. Looking forward to following along over the next 31 days!

  5. Sarah, as you may know my life was a total mess for years. I am truly sorry for the pain caused to my mom, Michael and my family, but I came to a realization that God had a plan for me to walk those dark days so that I could tell my story and help others along the way. I am not sorry for Him allowing those years of pain and destruction I went through, because now I am a stronger person and I know that God loves me so much. I don’t know what the road ahead is going to be, but I trust God and will do what He calls me to do for the rest of my days. Quit being sorry and be glad, you are helping many people with your writings.

  6. I adore that you ended this post with the words “sorry, not sorry”.

    SO looking forward to this, friend!!

    • Thanks, friend…you know this sorry, not sorry journey all too well…I am pretty sure you were right there when I wrote these titles!


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